Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 197: Writing a blog part 7

"The reason why I shared my time line of experiences to how my interest in Criminology developed was to show that sometimes one has experience in a subject, from which the interest grows, but sometimes you only have a small interest in a subject which comes from for example an awareness or from reading articles on the internet. Either way from here if ones decides to pursue the subject - it takes a bit of research to familiarise oneself with the subject - therefore 'Research is the key'."

Working in the South African Police force and studying Criminology, obviously left me with a very black and white view to Criminal Behaviour - where a criminal is bad and the police catch criminals. Thanks to the work that I have been doing for the last few years I was able to start bridging the gap more between the understanding that currently exist in Criminology of 'what makes a criminal' to the grey areas that nobody in society really wants to talk about - such as if people steal because they don’t have an income - why are we creating and supporting a money system that excludes certain people from receiving their basic living requirements? Therefore you could say I became interested in the 'fringe psychology' within criminology where unfortunately Capitalism has very much set the precedent for how criminology exists. I mean from my perspective you could say that Criminology as all studies in the world is 'in the pocket of the Capitalists' - therefore how can you really study Criminology if you are never allowed to really look at and speak about the real causes of Criminal behaviour.

Things that society rely upon such as the current money system which is based on inequality and abuse and a consumerist system based on Psychological system such as addiction to energy - if we never address these problems we don’t sort out the reason why people commit crimes. But because the entire human idea of existence relies on the value systems within the mind which ties in with consumerism - you will find that most Criminalists will stick to the main stream acceptable discussions and fields of study about Crime - but never dig deeper. For example everyone learns about for example 'crimes being committed because the person was poor or could not feed themselves or desires wealth' and then BAM the information literally stops there. So I have made it my field of interest to continue looking underneath the surface stuff. It was a few years ago that in conjunction with the work that I do with Life Coaching and the Living Income Guaranteed proposal - that myself and others who do the same thing decided to study Psychology to develop an understanding of how the more acceptable 'system' definitions and studies into the Human Mind works to see where we can improve on the acceptable understandings oh the Human Psyche. In this I selected Criminology as my Minor. So from this my blogs have been a focal point on looking underneath the 'surface' stuff where normal Psychology and Criminology stops.

Therefore in relation to the discussion of writing blogs - this is the first point I want to bring across for those interested in Blog Writing - whether it is about the World System and its Problems or about Self and Self Change - either way we are writing blogs in such a way to 'lift the veil' so to speak on 'what is out there' and 'what exist within' from what one understands about any given topic based on what has been published on the internet/books/research material. As I mentioned before, in a consumerist/capitalist based Psychology - most fields of study are linked into how the Mind is 'perceived to work' and from this perception we must understand that how we have been taught things work is not necessarily how they work. So in blog writing - we address the real way in which things work where you learn how to start questioning the information that is 'out there' and how this information works in the bigger picture -meaning developing the understanding that the information itself is part of a bigger design in essentially - yes I am going to say it - the controlling of the human being to exist within specific behaviours and allowances which serve specific groups to achieve specific goals. Be it from the Consumerist system to Politics to general control of the pollution - all of these 'domains' - which are seemingly invisible to the trusting populous - you will find if you do some research and start questioning the information behind the information - will reveal to you the Design of the World System…

Therefore, for me an interest opened up while doing policing and observing the effects of Crime on Society - at that stage I had a sympathy for some criminals, as I could see with limited insight that they came from tough lives and therefore in some cases I felt out right uncomfortable stopping and searching people or acting like a big tough cop and questioning people about their whereabouts, Especially considering that in the South African police force there are still many racist white policeman who enjoy the power trip of while wearing the uniform and gun, to use this as an opportunity to bully people from other colours.

Through the years doing policing I was on the one side also investigating spirituality, and therefore I started becoming more sensitive so to speak to the experiences of both the criminal and the victim. But at that stage I did not yet have the skills to 'lift the veil' on how crime works beyond what I had come to accept from what is 'accepted' by society- I remember just feeling really uneasy around certain policing procedures. It was only years later joining Bernard here at Desteni that he assisted me in seeing more of how the system worked and most importantly how to use tools such as research and common sense to assess that which exist in the world. Therefore, that is what blog writing is about - it is not just about placing information you are already aware of onto paper, but a platform to practise tools of expansion within the topic you are interested in. That is why our DesteniIProcess courses are developed to slowly expand a person's self awareness - and the blogs we write about 'world problems' becomes a personal platform from which ones learns about common sense and investigating what exist as the current accepted systems of the world.


  1. (1)I have a question in regards to your video series on 'Demons of the past and Mind Possession' and more serious question related to this 'demonology' and the afterlife. Im sorry if this is an inappropriate place to post a question, but there is not another place to identify these sorts of information or get answers. So feel free to delete but herwise I will ask. Not a light question -I am here in pat because of destine and their interdeimsnaional intervention -so would like a direct answer.Now this is not related to an experience of a family member for instance or having difficulty standing on your own feet when talking to them or what was mentioned in the videos, but more severe but unrelated. And my question is: if you are in a life where you are 'forced' create or be around with someone or a group of people simply because of your environment you were born into. Where, because you could not escape you are forced to live around people and go through things like the education system or work, or whatever it is. Meanwhile you spend your life actually trying to get AWAY from certain people or very traumatic events created by them from which you had no choice to experience. Forgiveness does not apply. And as we don't have things like income grants for people living under trauma created by others, or for instance families living in fear for years because of cartel influence and beheadings or things like that, etc. there are many instances
    But when a person has no choice but to be in that environment, they do not create anything with another person unless they absolutely are forced to, and are 'bound' in a sense by life to be there and not be able to leave those people. My question is when that person dies in that environment, or after leaving that environment, but while both are still alive, when a person dies, are they 'FORCED' by destine or the great gate-keepers, to incarnate 'within and as' a person they for instance wanted nothing to do with on earth, could not get away from, were abused by or refused to 'forgive' or whatever it might be. And even if there was a truce in life, are they still forced to be 'around' them I mean for fucking ever, or for 7 years or WHAT. Or does it behoove that person to actually kill the other person or people before dying as to prevent being incarnated within and as them and to end the creation or whatever destine is doing with the afterlife.

  2. (2)I am not interested in opinions on death or why killing might wrong. lol. There is no forgiveness for suffering in some lives -But would like a direct answer. I would like to know when one has the desire to not be involved in anthers life, and there is no co-creation yet creation simply not having a choice who is In your immediate environment. Does destine dictate in the afterlife you must incarnate 'within and as' that until there is 'forgiveness' or reconciliation till everybody is happy, or is more severe action needed. And thats all thats needed. Knowing Desteni however its usually always the worst possible answer or outcome, and full preventative measure probably needs to be taken to prevent any further entanglement or creation. Just like the brute force of how much suffering comes with this life. So Simplistically, lets say the kid in the interview decides to leave his 'mother' alone, or distance himself as best he can the rest of his life, then he dies or his mother, is he 'forced' by existence to incarnate 'within' her, until.. i don't know, they get past the point, and vise versa? Whereas if the boy killed his mother first after separating her from his life, he would be done from it for sure done with her. And replace mother with whomever. Again I don't mean to be blunt, but again we are not talking about opinions on life, or a next cycle or anything else. There is nowhere to go with these questions and the suffering on earth will come to an end. Im sure theres an answer somewhere to this question. This is not an easy question but there are no easy answers in life

    feel free to email also but i am only looking for an answer not a statement on whats happening or a solution for anything.