Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 199: I want my Demon!

Thus far I have been writing a blog series on How to write blogs, but I wanted to just quickly insert this blog, because it is a point that I have been noticing lately and have been wanting to do a blog on - so here goes.

This subject is specifically about the paranormal community - or what I have come to see as a community of people who are not interested in the truth of any particular subject, but who seek entertainment through creating Mental Disorders within themselves. Let look at the general definition of Para-normal which is: derived from the Latin use of the prefix para meaning "outside or beyond" what is considered normal. It is interesting because one definition of para is also abnormal - which ties in with my experience I have been having lately towards and in relation to the Paranormal community. Don’t get me wrong - I use to be obsessed with demons and ghosts myself, and if you had told me 10 years ago that ghosts no longer exist or that I am creating my own feelings of 'being followed by a ghost/demon' in my mind and in my body and that I was creating my own demon possession I would have also laughed in your face and yelled 'I want my Demon'. But what I have noticed lately is that the Paranormal community are not interested much in any form of truth. They want to feel Special through experiencing Abnormal mental states - I will walk an example with you in a minute:

Creating the Abnormal is obviously not limited to the Paranormal community - as this is a human trend -something that through our behaviour and addiction to media and social networks - has become who we are as the way we talk, behave and the things we as humans give value to in general. I mean if you look at the things that people get up to and the things that are out there on social networks through which people get attention from others and how this is just getting more preposterous and desperate; - it definitely shows that in time the 'Abnormal Behaviour' section under 'Psychology' will either have to be expanded on in the DSM classification of Mental Disorders  OR we will have to remove classifications of Mental disorder and call everything 'Normal'.

My definition though of normal is different from what society classifies as normal. The things that abuse Life on this planet in various forms, has become 'normal' ways of 'being' - this is what we call 'being human'. From my perspective to be this is abnormal behaviour if I consider that we as humanity have greater potential that what we are currently living and most certainly what we are heading towards. Therefore to me 'normal behaviour' such as self honesty, self correction, self responsibility and self awareness is normal if I consider what principles I want to live by as a human, based on what potential I see exists for us, instead of accepting the Principles we currently live by as 'Humanity/Society'.

Ok - back to the Paranormal community. A few years back we started the Desteni group and along side that we decided to launch a Demonology website, to share our findings on demonology and the Afterlife. We created a forum and invited people to come and work through what they perceive to be demon/ghost possession/influence and get to the core of the Consciousness connection between 'Paranormal experiences' and the Mind of the 'experiencer'. At the time I was wondering how we will be able to handle the influx of people who are desperate to sort out their demon/paranormal experiences. Alas this did not happen and in fact the opposite happened - the paranormal community ran far far away.

For example - every now and again somebody will come to the Demonology website or forum and ask about a ghost or demon that they think is following them or trying to or is possessing them.

I walk them through a basic explanation that ghosts/demons no longer exist - other than what experiences are created within the Mind of the individual which always has a starting point in some past event/memory - and how the person is dealing with their live and environment. Thus the paranormal becomes the explanation as to why we are having dark thoughts, fantasies, illusions, fits of violence, the constant feeling like something wants to hurt us, depression, possession, the desire to escape their lives/minds, the desire to be special, to avoid real trauma and place the emphasis on trauma caused by a 'dark force' etc…

I then suggest reading/viewing material to further explain my point, and ask the person to come back to the forum when they are ready to start exploring their 'Paranormal' experience. This is where something truly paranormal does happen - the person disappears lol. Never to be seen again. Not sure if it is some vortex, triangle or enveloping shadow, but the person simply vanished. Odd.

Anyway - so in time I realised that the reason why I found it so strange that people did not want to come and learn the tools to become stronger and get to know their minds and how they created internal experiences, is because for a moment I forgot that I too once thought I was very special and unique when I was being followed by a demon. Looking back now of course I realize that in my past I was rather silly about these kinds of things and that my entire desire to interact with demons was an energy thrill that I was seeking, which gave me something to do - but also made me feel mysterious and different. I mean you could create quite a list of why we do the things we do, bit what I have found primarily is that people get a compete rush off of the strange, the exiting, that which gives us a kick - because it entertains the mind which has become more and more addicted to energy - vastly more so over the last 10-20 years.

So what I have found is that the Paranormal community create their experiences as a form of entertainment and in most cases it becomes about drawing an experience out for as long as you can. Therefore obviously it would be rather boring if a person had to admit that they are not demon possessed, but are actually possessing themselves - it is just not the same!

Unfortunately as I indicated above this is not only in the Paranormal community that we do this - it exists in many forms within Society - it is just that in the Paranormal community you can basically create anything you want and because everyone is doing it, people are not really going to question each others motives or evidence. In the paranormal experience you can believe in faeries, or UFO's or shadow men or vortexes etc… the list goes on. In the end what I found is that if one stops the addiction to the energy, then you will find that your mind - should I say 'you' will use your imagination less and less, because this is where the imagination comes in - it creates an image of something which you have read about or are aware of as being 'dangerous' or strange' and produces visions/flashes/pictures in relation to this imaginary 'danger' - and 'viola' from there your mind starts producing reactions and responses physically and mentally to this 'threat/problem'. And obviously if a paranormal event/issue' is caused by repressed emotions and repressed memories - then the mind will project its reactions onto this 'danger' that exist 'outside' of the person. Thus the mind gets to experience the emotions and reactions in relation to the danger, which for most also becomes part of an energy addictive pattern, but without facing the core problem. This mostly happens, because we have never been taught to look 'inside', but that our problems and reactions are due to other people or events. Therefore for the paranormal enthusiast - we are automatically trained to look outside ourselves for an inkling of a strange occurrence which could be responsible for our internal experiences...


  1. I would ike to know what happens when someone is abused by those who are 'mind demon possessed' within family where they do not have a choice and experience horrific things over time in environments from which they cannot escape immediately. And what happens when one die in that state or remove oneself? Are they FORCED to be with them in eternity forever and ever simply because they 'didnt have a choice' as Bernard said. I am not asking about ghosts or evil spirits chasing me around. A being who integrated within me about 6 years ago, whose 'legs would not stop moving', yes, I asked him many times with no concrete answer. Although he was in a difficult process with 'no rest' - after I told him to leave, he has proven unuseful entirely for real questions about this. I know that when the time comes to die or when the insane thoughts of attempting to remove others in your environment physically comes, he will notify the dimensions or bernard when he was alive. But the fact remains this life will answer for the suffering it has allowed. And while i have 0 interest in life, I will most certainly not be incarnating in people I despised this life or actually spent my adult life trying to get away from. Nevermind the other represses ions which will also someday be answered for as atrocities by life. But I will ask this question over, and over, again. Just as I screamed for help to Enki 10 years ago, then bernard 7 years ago. There will be retribution and ANSWERS for the suffering. And I will not incarnate within other people in my environment, even if it means I have to remove them firstly as well. Thanks

    1. Hi there,

      in relation to this and the other questions:

      ok so when you die now you go into a process called 'Life Review' - where basically one is faced with the exact same experiences within your mind as you are experiencing now. I am not saying you will face the same people or situations - I am saying you will remain as you are now in essense and thus be faced with your mind. This is so that we all do a life review where we look at our life and work with how we created out own experiences while in this life within our minds. This is because even here on earth all processes are introverted into the mind, which means each person is only faced with themselves, not with other people's experiences, not with ghosts or anything. What you are experiencing now is always your own. Secondly there is no more reincarnation or anything like that - so you wont actually be reincarnating back to come and face specific life choices etc. Only the assessment of oneself in the afterlife. What you make of that is up to each one of us. In relation to your experiences with other people -realize that this is the reality of the situation in the world, where many people are faced with situation difficult to be in because we cannot control the words and actions of others. And this is unfortunately what we have created as the mind - therefore what you are seeing in the behaviour of others is the reality of where we are at now as the mind. For example - there is no being or demon inside of you - what you are experiencing is your mind and your reaction to your own mind and to your environment - your fears for example are manifesting within you as an entity. So realize that you are only responsible for your own thoughts, reactions and experiences. From what I am understanding from your words, you are quite upset by what is happening. I cannot change your environment, but we can work with this anger and I suggest join me on the forum if you would like to discus your experiences more. There is also an interview that we did today, a life review by a being who is faced something similar to you. I will share the link with you once we have it.