Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 84: Crimes against Life: Pope widens war on gays.

Newspaper article: 'Pope widens war on gays', December 2012. The article states that the pope and the Vatican are ready to forge alliances with other religions against gay marriage. The Vatican claims that gay marriage will 'threaten the foundation of the family' and that family exists as the 'blueprint' of human existence'. The pope goes on to say that the family is threatened by a 'false understanding of freedom and a repudiation of life long commitments in heterosexual marriage' - and by doing so the 'key figures' of the family wil disappear: the father, mother and child - thus losing the 'essential elements of family'.

Now, other than one seeing the Vatican and religion in general who support this fuzzy logic, grasping very clearly at straws, to continue being able to control humanity through religious doctrine and fear - what is also clear from this is the following:

You have a world currently which factually, (where one has to be locked in a deep dark celler to not be able to see and understand) is in disarray - with war, murder, famine, abuse, starvation, corruption, greed, hardship, poverty, fear of survival etc - which has become a common place within all societies. No devil or cosmic force is to blame for any of it, other than the human. Try as you might, to claim that we are not responsible for what is happening on this planet - because all you need to do is follow the consequential time lines of all decisions made every day by each human to get to the results in abuse.

Therefore in light of us obviously being faced with the intensifying and compounding of what we are accepting and allowing on this planet every day - where each day billions of beings are abused in the name of greed and human entertainment - we are able to see that if the Vatican want us to ignore the real problems and breed more humans, to continue allowing the world as it is - then the religions are in fact accountable firstly for not doing what they are supposed to do, which is apparently suppose to make a difference in the problems created and faced by humanity. Thus far, no religion has ever been able to make any difference in the world, if this were the case we would see a steady consistent decrease in things like war, poverty, abuse, etc and not an increase as the facts show. So religions are lying, by firstly using their base of power to convince people that they know how to assist humanity to become a better form of ourselves, one could say an image and likeness of god. They have in fact no practical insights into the problems that exist and instead multiply the problem as we see in this case, where they while ignoring the problem, condemn any marriage that will not result in the breeding of more defective humans. Why would a spiritual organisation, responsible as they have given themselves this title since the dark ages, clearly go for duplicating and cloning the problems, instead f solving the problems? Why would they worry about a few million humans who will be happy being in gay marriages, when there will still be billions of straight marriages producing dysfunctional human beings? What do they stand to loose? Is it a matter of power - that if they loose their grip on any point of authority - as he states 'the family is being threatened by a false understanding of freedom' - will mean that the church will no longer exist if humans become self responsible. In self-honesty one realizes and sees religion for what it is, if one dare to take a look inside one's own mind to understand the construction of your own fears and hopes and coping mechanisms, where the church similar to the example of a child first using training wheels on a bicycle to learn how to ride, the human requires a church to be a moral compass, as he human has never been self honest - this again is mathematically provable if - again one look at the consequential outflow of the decision, acceptances and allowances made by all humans throughout our lives that have resulted in us becoming what we are now.

The church will no longer exist if it gradually allows the human to start taking 'back the reigns' and becoming self responsible or by simply saying I make my own decisions. The church as one are able to see, from the state of the world, have no interest in the human developing into something more, or else they would support the education of the human to be that and support the human in self development into something effective by supporting a world system that allows for the human to live in dignity and self expression and enjoyment. Instead not only does the church support capitalism, by not saying one word against it - but it profits from it - as one can see by the wealth of money contained within and by the vatican and its members. Religion started out as a gaining of power and control, and has become one of the largest corporations, by controlling and manipulating to maintain the flow of money, in which it will fight just like any other corporation for it's survival.

We claim to have evolved as a species into a fairly intelligent capable being, however most 'intelligent humans' belong to some form of archaic religion, where no common sense exists and by its mere definitions, and rules the religion equal and one, reflects about the member, that the member is still trapped within an archaic survival mechanism that is guided by rules that serve only self interest and protection of the family and its members through actions that alleviate fear. Nothing is done about changing or removing the fears, such as fear of not being able to feed my family, which are faced currently by a majority of families in the world, but instead the religion uses this constant fear that the human is in, to maintain control through the hope that your family will not starve as long as you believe on some god.

So religions lie, they manipulate and doe so through the permission of all of humanity, because humanity who claim to be 'intelligent, evolved beings', have complete numbed minds when it comes to religion, where the most obscene ideas and archaic concepts are given value to over Life on this planet and over any sense of common sense or practicality.

Together, we as humanity have allowed the Vatican to make such religious statement such as 'the family is the blueprint of humanity' therefore we are allowed to completely annihilate any self-choice and happiness of millions of people such as in this case 'gay couples'- just so that we can make sure that everybody has children? Why do the Vatican's loove children so much? If I was a conspiracy theorist or a cult-expert like Rick Ross, I would probably now claim that the Vatican (in my expert opinion) are child molesters because they want and openly admit they want to make sure nobody steps out of line from being 'straight' -so that all humans follow through with maintaining the true family function of procreation.

But seriously, one has to start questioning how and why would religions take on and invent such ridiculous statements and causes - what is in it for them to simply refuse that some human will breed while other have gay relationships? Why do they insist that all humans must follow the structure of what it means to be a human, which is to breed? Do they, themselves sit in a little room and laugh at the ridiculousness of their own causes, knowing common-sensically how funny and outlandish it all sounds, but laughing even more because they know they will get away with it? It would be the equivalent (and this is incase you were going to leave a comment 'because it is written in the bible') of having a Harry Potter council, where we allow all the actors from Harry Potter to sit around a table and make decisions for and on behalf of humanity, simply because they were trained in acting school to pretend to be wizards who are 'special and magical'. We would also not allow a council of children to have the final say on how to deal with world problems, and yet here we are continuing to allow religious people, who make ridiculous claims such as 'wars against gay people' and 'foundations of humanity' and 'blueprints' - while we do not for a moment question what these people are saying, as we would see, realize and understand that they are up to no good and for whatever reason playing with the lives of human beings for their own self interest.

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