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Day 80: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Automatic and Controlled Processing

This blog is a continuation from: Day 78: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 3: Availability Heuristic

Automatic and Controlled Processing:

Within Social Psychology Automatic processing "occurs when after extensive experience with a task or type of information, we reach the stage where we can perform the task or process the information in a seemingly effortless, automatic and non conscious manner.Controlled processing would be ones conscious control over an action. These two kinds of thought do not have to function independently - often when one is unsure of how to proceed within an action/decision - both thought process happen at the same time.

Findings within Social Neuroscience indicate there there are two different neurological systems for processing social information - one that functions in an automatic manner and another that allows for controlled participation.

In the distinction of the locations within the brain where these two thought processes occur from, science has noted evaluations that are for example based on judgments of good or bad towards a person, item or event, which happen either automatically or through conscious consideration. The first taking place near or within the Amygdala while the latter occurs within sections of the prefrontal cortex. What will not be discussed here in detail, but is also important for consideration later is how emotions and feelings influence decision making. I note this here as a further consideration for my next point." (Social psychology, 49)

What the above information allows us to consider is that the human brain is designed to function as an automated system, with various parts of the brain functioning as a pre-determined 'holding place' for various functions - allowing us as the human to act according to decisions made based on calculated processes that have already systematically been predetermined. For example if one consider, the brain is firstly divided into sections that allow for your autonomic nervous system which regulates breathing, heart beat and other controlled functions of the physical body. Then one considers that there are predetermined sections of the brain that control the conscious, subconscious and unconscious thought process, and adaptations in behavior based on the basic survival drives such as fear and desires.

Now without going into to much anatomy and physiology of the brain, we will simply align our understanding that the brain for all humans has been designed within a pre-Design - which filters experiences into and through these human-basic-needs. From there if one considers our base programming to survive within our environment, you are able to add the programmable systems that occur in relation to the other Human Desires, needs and wants (the needs that are not based on life or death but fulfill the alleviation of other wants, needs and desires). There are systems designed to trigger human behavior according to the base needs, such as basic physical functioning, to breathe, eat etc. Then you have survival based systems and thought responses around Fear of survival and if one look deeper into the human psyche - you will find that we are all pre-programmed with the basic human systems of thinking and feeling which are linked to deeper energy related systems, that have nothing to do with the body's survival (breathing, heart beat etc), but have more to do with drives that come from within the Mind's dependence on energy. This energy is dependent on experiences, therefore for energy to be generated through and by Consciousness, it exists as needs, wants, desires that 'drive' us into action. It is around this point for example that one considers how the human lives are lived to achieve personal gratification in the form of for example avoidance of pain and achievement of happiness. So one could basically say that the human brain exists according to functions that go from necessary for the physical to survive all the way to experience orientated centers of the brain, that serve no other purpose than from the starting point of our classification of these experiences as being what makes us human. For example: the human brain consists of centers such as the limbic system which plays a role in our emotions and feelings. This in itself, if one use some common sense shows us that the brain and the Mind exist as a pre-programmed machine, one could say, that acts on our behalf - and through the ages we have come to accept this automated system, regardless of any consideration of whether it is simply a system designed to support itself independent of human responsibility or consideration - or whether it is a machine that is waiting for direction, with effective input equal and one from the participant who may look at the design schematic of this system to see what are the consequences for the physical and the reality within which we exist - if this pre-designed automated system is simply left to its own vices.

For example, consider what was mention above about a machine that operates independently, creating its own energy sources for survival. The Mind as it exists within the physical requires the movement force called energy to move all parts of itself as information and to keep itself 'alive'. Therefore the mind as an automated system as consciousness, functions according to thousands of pre-designed systems that interact through relationships, to generate energy, to keep the mind as consciousness functioning.

So the human currently exists within the mind which exists within the physical, which runs automatically according to pre-programmed, automated systems that generate energy. These energy systems are for example experienced by the human physically - for example, if one has a certain need (not speaking about basic requirement fir the body such as water, food or rest), which if one does not obtain or fulfill (the mental or emotional need of buying that new top to look good) leaves one feeling heavy physically, emotionally distraught or mentally distressed - then you know you are in a mind system that is seeking to fulfill the energy need by obtaining the desired outcome. Only once the human obtains the desire through whatever act it consists of such as going shopping -will the energy be released and the person 'feels better'. This is a basic example of one such energy system. We, as humans have come to call these energy systems 'Life' or what it means to be 'human' and follow these systems 'religiously' believing that we are the systems and we are determined by them to be called human. - However if we take a good look into human behavior - one will note that the directive principle has never come from the human understanding the mind and considering ourselves as self-perfecting beings, but from these pre-designed systems within the Mind consciousness system. Because we are not yet responsible for ourselves as the mind, we are the mind, and therefore will claim at every turn that each experience is real and is by choice. But no human has ever gotten to know really where our inner emotions, thoughts, feelings, reactions and needs come from. Therefore, by our own admission we are not yet standing equal to our own Minds, but have always been subject to the mind - and because we are the mind - we do not question the mind.

Here one asks the question - why should we question ourselves as the mind - does it not make us authentic to be ourselves which is to not question who we are but to simply 'be it?'

If one look at who we have become as the human, most will look at the actions of others within the world with judgment and disdain. Then one really take a look into ones own mind - as the way one thinks, feelings and behaves and you will note that most of our self-belief systems and thought/feeling processes cause us discomfort - as we are all plagued by inner experiences that if we were to be self-honest we know are not in our best interest - however when looking at these experiences we only know that 'they simply happened'. For example most people are trapped within cycles of desire, where it takes on for example monetary/material desires, sexual or acceptance based desires - but most are able to admit that these desires leave one unfulfilled and are always driving one for more/better experiences and that the mere existence of the desire is always based on a fear, which exists as a polarity that runs between positives and negatives to motivate the human into action to constantly seek the positive desired outcome, to avoid the opposite polarity connected to a Fear.

This above example is but one aspect of what currently exists in the human as a directive functional, automated system - and we have come to 'prettify' these systems by justifying their existence, because within the Mind, we are after all addicted to the energy that these patterns and habits produce. Therefore for example, addiction is always an indication that the system is attempting to fuel its energy and has nothing to do with obtaining a sense of self-worth or self-fulfillment - these are reasons sold to us through Capitalism, as to why we should create and participate in addictions. Therefore any lingering or consistent experience, that directs one through internal forces to get some form of experience, is an indication that one is within ones addiction to Energy.

Looking at the world around us, to get back to the point discussed above - we are able to see that there are thousands of examples each day in the news and through our observations of others in our lives and our own thought processes -of these systems of consciousness, which do not serve man. Through this we do not create ourselves into beings that are an expression of Life. We have become de-manned and this has been the only evolution that has every occurred for man - the evolution further and further into the Mind-Consciousness-Systems - as the mind evolves its systems in maintaining itself within and as the human.

What we are seeing in the news as people are acting as if they are possessed - are examples of the Mind running through extensive cycles that compound and evolve - only because at no point have we as the human stepped in and taken responsibility for these Mind-Systems, by getting to know how the mind functions and directing it according to what is best. We have always only accepted these automated systems as 'who we are' because obviously when one is in the positive polarity of the cycle where we feel good and feel powerful, we will not question what goes on behind the scenes - because the experience is to gratifying. If one is in the energy - as the Mind - you do not question it - as we only at times question these cycles and feelings and energies that overwhelm us and drive us into action - when we are either at the opposite polarity of fear, loss, sadness, depression, hopelessness etc - where we 'feel so bad,' that we ask 'why do I feel bad?' Yet again being in our self-created cycles, which seek the positive to get away from the negative - by asking the question 'why do I feel bad' - it is within our base programming to then seek the answers/solution that will end the 'negative experience' and the answers currently within our global system is to seek the positive through the value system of Money. So again even if one questions our experiences without considering the 'whole picture' - we will not see beyond the system - but will seek what alleviates the negative within ones existing patterns.

Therefore, automated and controlled thought processes, play a role within this, by simply allowing one to access stored information from ones parents, society, peers and education system - on how to best attain the outcome that will give one the experience that is pleasurable and which allows one to attain ones personal self-interest. Therefore these thought processes are but one way in which the mind allows us to consider the problem, and draw on past information that has worked before or has been used within the same cycles by others - to bring into ones awareness a direction that would be most suitable, considering ones available option such as resources available, ones personality strengths/weaknesses and characters, etc.

Prevention is better than Cure:

Here one asks the question - would it be possible for us to live without these constant internal battles? Is it truly 'being human' to exists as constant worry, desire, fear and competition within the need to survive amongst other humans who are similarly trying to please their polarity cycles, with you playing part of the polarity constructs of good/bad, right/wrong, rich/poor, have/have not etc. If one observes the potential of life on this planet, for all beings, it would be to all have equal opportunity to express ourselves here in our physical body, in this physical reality, equal and one to all others - where what we do and what we expres is not based on harming ourselves or another within a cycles - where the driving force behind what one does to attain an experience works according to variables that are unseen, from within an unseen automated system. If we are self-honest we will be able to see these variables as it exists within us as our thoughts, emotions, feelings, belief, values, secret thoughts and memories that determine how we should act now to prevent discomfort or attain self-gratification. If we within ourselves stop creating belief systems around who we are as humans and how we function accordingly, and align ourselves to live and express what is Best for All - then we change and direct the Mind into and as what is Best for All, which will directly affect our lives Equal and One. Therefore, the prevention to human suffering is to change what we accept and allow as the human existence. To change this we look at what we value within ourselves as these Consciousness-Systems - to really, for ourselves see that even though we grew up accepting what happens within us and the driving force behind how we behave - we are able to realize that suffering and pain to ourselves and others is not required to live and express ourselves. Only energy systems require polarities to move between and only by existing as an energy system does one remain an energy system. Therefore we realize that nothing is lost, but out addiction to and acceptance that suffering is part of what it means to be human. Therefore, it is to realize that we do not have to automatically go along with our internal and external struggles - but to realize at the same time, that we truly are the creators of these battles, as all that exists within us is by our own design and acceptance and therefore out outer reality exists as an outflow and living expression of who we really are.

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