Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 83: International Crime Research: Killed for Kindness

In the South African newspaper 'Weekend Witness', December 22nd, there is an article about a man and his 24 year old passenger whom he was giving a lift to from work, who were attacked after he decided to give two hitchhikers a lift. The two men after getting in the car shot the man, and drove the woman off to a secluded area, where they raped her and abandoned her and the car.

The question that most will ask, after reading this article is why did the two men do this, as it is obvious that they were not doing it to steal the car for monetary gain, but rather these acts point towards spitefulness and the deliberate intention to cause harm to others.

There are many ways of looking at this event, as people try and make sense of why such things are happening, especially in South Africa where 'hate crimes' are a common place occurrence, after the apartheid regime. Now we are left on a global scale with the aftereffects and consequences of atrocities such as apartheid. Most countries have some dubious historical recollection of Abuse between various ethnical and political groups - and the outflow, as we have noticed is usually, mostly a retaliation for many generation by the group that was oppressed towards the oppressors or the state. What is not being learnt or grasped by anybody - as we are able to see by these vengeful acts - where unfortunately we will probably again one day see a hatred for young black men by those who have been victimised - where the cycles of race discrimination is merely going to repeat itself - is 'self responsibility'. Lets look at the example again of this murder and rape - which is a common place occurrence with South Africa; The two men responsible for the act - were doing so based probably on a combination of factors - as one will notice is the case in most of these attacks. In some cases it is due to them acting out towards society, for being oppressed within socio-economic lives that have cased them fear and distress, at other times it forms part of the 'new south african syndrome' which Criminologists discuss as being the result of the younger generation, who themselves were not even part of the abuse that was done to their parents and grandparents within the apartheid ear - but who are now part of a 'culture of violence' in which young people are feeding of the anger of the previous generations and allowing this to be their outlet for other angers, fears or in some cases expressions and outlets for boredom and alcohol/drug related actions.

So, let's look at these various factors involved and see how and when and to whom the responsibility belongs of directing the problem. Through the media and constant bombardment of picture, the youths are shown that it is 'cool' to take what you want and be who you want - now that apparently oppression is over with. This has also been the tactic of politicians to get the masses to vote for them as they promise 'opportunities' for all to have 'better lives' if they make it possible for that political part to be in power. This if one uses basic maths, has been a clear deception as no political party has thus far established any equality for people to have dignified lives by making it possible for all to have a decent income - as the politicians are only interested in yet again protecting the system fo capitalism, from which they themselves profit, so that the Elite may become richer and the only way to do this is obviously to maintain a gap between the rich and poor - because after all if everybody has the same stuff - then it would not be such a special experience for the Elite to have more stuff than other people.

Therefore,'doing what you want and being who you want' -in this current world system - requires money. So, what is not being explained to any young person being impulsed only with the luxurious life style they 'could have' are the technicalities behind getting what you want, as this would imply that those doing the explaining such as parents and educators would have to explain why the existing money system for example forces people into categories of life according to what money you have, which is dependent on what job you have and that for most people their incomes does not match their basic life necessities.

This the younger generations are seeing and understanding for themselves, as they are encouraged to 'think for themselves' -and this is mostly creating confusion, comparison, jealousy and eventually anger which fuels into rage as the person constantly uses backchat (internal conversations) to fuel the point through thinking and rationalising. Combine the socia-economic frustrations and angers from the parents and grandparents, with unmet desires - from constantly being bombarded through movies, celebrities, music and the media with pictures of wealth, comfort and accomplishment - and you are sitting with a generation that is explosive, to say the least. This problem is not going to go away - so getting back to the question of self responsibility - who is responsible for eventually one day, when human starts considering that there must be another way - for CHANGE? It is easy for us, living comfortable middle and upper class lives who are becoming the victims of such 'offenses' to say 'they must change' - as if the people acting out on their brainwashing and impulsing must just 'do what is best for all' - when there is really no incentive for them - as the entire point and motivation of such violent acts - is the only reward they know - within a contant life of survival and abuse.

Yes - the people responsible for these deeds will have their own responsibility to consider - but about the rest of us that agree to the existence of the dividing line between rich and poor and all the impulsing that goes around making those who do not have money jealous of those who have? What if it is not just a matter of having the next gucci hand bag - which probably wont drive you to acts of murder - but what if you grew up in a life where your parents could hardly feed you and basic survival such as a place to live safely is a constant concern? Let's place ourselves in the shoes of those who are acting out - what did we expect -when we created a system of capitalism, which functions specifically according to spitefulness, and driving people to madness basically as they are impulsed through pictures, constantly being driven from intense human emotions and feelings to points of desire and fear? Who takes responsibility for the system of capitalism that has been designed by all of us as the consumer? Yes - money is the reason why we do what we do in business - but it is the human's need for being driven from energy, addictions and the obsession with consuming that gives capitalists permission to basically 'do whatever they want' to make sure the public will participate in the movement of money. Who takes responsibility for the layers of value systems given to things like sexuality? Nobody wants to take responsibility for sexual addiction, and the porn industry and always points fingers at 'them', they did it' not realising yet again that any industry only exist because of the human. So we as the human have all given permission to the world systems and how they function and how they evolve - we are always the cause of it - therefore in society and within the human psyche if there is a evolution towards an outlet in relation to how the system directs people through education, the media, societal value systems - we cannot be surprised - as we are seeing the consequences of what we have accepted and allowed thus far.

So - here you have an example of a family pleading for the police to capture their fathers murderer and for justice to be served - the facts are that we will see these 'crimes' escalating more and more -as we have already noticed over the last 30 years or so. The question is - are we always going to pick up a newspaper and only feel pity and shock as we read yet again another horror story which only serves to sell a newspaper by stimulating human emotions and feelings -and has no other solution to the problem explained in the paper? When do we stop just reading these stories and start changing the systems behind why these problems occur? I mean, we all know that Capitalism functions according to influencing, stimulating and manipulating humans through wants, needs, desires and fears - so are we really so surprised then when people act on how they have been impulsed such as in this case where two young men raped and killed two people simply out of rage and spitefulness?

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