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Day 78: International Crime Research: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 3: Availability Heuristic

This blog is a continuation from: The Psychology of Crimes Against Life: Heuristics Part 2

The Availability Heuristic: "Another cognitive rule of thumb, suggesting that the easier it is to bring information to mind, the greater the impact on judgments or decisions."

An example would be, where from childhood parents teach a child to accept their value systems, beliefs, ideas and ways of living within the world, just like the parents accepted how their parents lived based on what was copied from their parents. Therefore, what we are seeing within the world, is that generations within families exist as the copying of information and ways of living. How many times, have each one of us cringed when we were younger when our parents forced us to go to church, or to watch the television shows/sports that they wanted to watch/play or to see the world the way they did. As a child, I have observed, we tend to more clearly immediately create a 'reaction or resistance to the education of our parents, because more often than not the child has not yet develop such a level of brainwashing that they become the brainwashing. That is why children more often will rebel against or question the ways of the parents and it is only until much later as the child gives into the influences and discipline of the parent, educators and societal 'authority figures' - that they too adapt themselves to forms of belief and ways of living that they then call 'their own'.

That is how we develop into adults who are simply going along with - you could say the 'availability heuristic' - where for our childhood development phase, we were constantly bombarded through parental and educational manipulation with specific belief system and values - until -- tada! - we 'become adults' and we too apparently loose the ability to question our reality and the rules and values set out within society. This is due to many factors - one of them being our fear of survival. As children we are constantly manipulated into conforming and being 'obedient' through threats of not getting taken care of and subtle threats of death/punishment or not having a place to stay, if we dont do what the parents want us to do. Therefore we come into this world firstly as a child - as a physical expression, learning and adapting to our environment and from there - within and through the parental system, we are taught the same survival mechanisms our parents were taught, which is done from the starting point of Fear of Loss/Fear of Survival.

Therefore as we have all learnt - that to live in this world one has to take certain steps to survive. This survival is not only equal to monetary survival, although who one becomes and how one behaves will lead to ones position in the world - which is directly linked to the economic bracket one will then fit into. Therefore from a humanistic mental survival point of view - we are taught since childhood to adapt our way of thinking to that of the more 'mainstream' ways of thinking, feeling, believing and behaving. Therefore one adapts oneself by observing how society thinks and behaves and within this the tendency of most is to not 'go against the grain' but to move with the flow of 'Life on this planet' as one wants to experience friendships, relationships and the all the comforts that human society can offer the human - as we are designed by nature to seek self validation, or self-fulfillment - which we are also taught from young, to find within 'who we become, what we do, what we participate in and how others view us'. Instead of teaching our children, for example to find Self within Self as Self - meaning to realize that we are already here in a physical body, born into a physical reality equal and one from the same substance - we are trained instead within the Mind, to separate ourselves through Fear to seek acceptance of self through separating Self into Mental-Realities which are based on Energy.

Therefore, we adapt Mind-Systems to filter information on how we are to live and behave such as the 'Availability Heuristic', which is basically a predetermined system of guidelines which allows one through time to constantly be told the same set of values, beliefs and ways of thinking - and from there adapting this 'system' to support one in immediately within our role within society, to be able to 'call forth' how to best behave within the context of fitting in and belonging within 'human-society' - without stopping and considering whether the way we have been living and the values we have given Life, as seen through History is truly what is Best.

Next: Thought, Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head, Imagination, Reaction, Behavior and Fear Dimensions.

Thought dimension: A picture of me happily married with a successful guy, with anice house and accepted by my peers.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to grow up accepting all of my family's ways of speaking, living, believing, thinking, acting and living life - without considering that in that moments where I 'cringed at having to change/adapt/revert my behavior to fit into how my parents expected me to be' - I was actually already showing myself that I was developing to become different within who I am as my expression and therefore to be forced by another to change me without actual evidence that the way of living that is expected of me is what is best for me - and that this is showing me that my family is existent within fear based survival patterns.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to instead of standing by my own directive principle by honoring my own decisions, to accept the rules and pressures placed on one through family, the education system, society and authoritative figures - as I separate me from me as I go further into my mind, where I exist at the mercy of how i perceive others perceive me and where I have from childhood developed a fear of not being accepted - and thus from these fears and desires -direct myself into the same pattern, where i placed the outcome of the accepted pattern into and as a picture-thought - according to which I will live my desires to be able to obtain this 'way of living'.

I commit myself to stop and delete thoughts as pre-programmed outcomes based on predetermined sets of values/ways of living according to the greater system of functioning, by self forgiving the thought-constructs after identifying where I created it and what it is connected to.

Within this

I commit myself and am able to identify the origin of a thought and whether it is really me making the decision, living for myself within what is best for me as life, or a pre-determined life decision from those who have gone before me, which is always based on some form of separation from myself as the physical, in self trust as myself as the physical - into the Mind.

Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head, Imagination, Reaction, Behavior and Fear Dimension in the next 'The Psychology of Crimes against Life' Blog...


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