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Day 99: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use Part 3

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Day 97: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use Part 2 
The causes are those aspects of our current reality that no person, that I have met thus far really, actually wants to face or even change. In the documentary they also speak about this point quite clearly - where most people understand that to go against the systems that cause the suffering and discomfort which are the real reasons behind why we do what we do such as the use of drugs, and the obsession with entertainment, celebrities and the self image created through the media - to go against these 'causes' could cost you your comforts in Life and your health and safety. We are constantly bombarded with images of America etc bombing countries that dared go against the ultimate force - and we constantly see CNN-type images of protester beings shot, set on fure etc - and how their choice of 'standing' mostly costs them their lives - and within the quantum Mind (how the mind really functions at a quantum level) we process and decide to not 'fuck' with these system that could discriminate and hurt us if we stepped out of line. Each person just wants to actually live a nice, fun live and therefore the idea for most of giving that up to be a revolutionary or an activist, seems like... hard work and potential pain and suffering. So, why bother - it is not my generation that will see the end of this debacle we see unfolding before us.

The causes behind drug use:

As discussed in part 1 and 2, the reasons given for drug use, which have become globally acceptable, are always the acceptable sounding reasons, which leave all of humanity, either stunned in hopelessness as we watch how people use chemicals to forget about their life experiences, or a sense of awe or respect that this individual has found some freedom to express him/herself within life by using the drug to party or seek spiritual enlightenment. It has become almost a taboo topic, to question drug use, as it is now seen as a comfort zone for those who get trappled by the system we have created or an outlet, for those brave enough to insert a chemical into their bodies. It is the era of 'coolnes' to step beyond human fears and use substances to improve ones experience.

The same goes for alcohol use, governments and corporation make tons of money of the alcohol industry therefore even though alcohol is responsible for countless deaths a year, no government is willing to place a ban on alcohol as this is the prerogative of capitalists to make money - no matter what. The public consensus is that alcohol provides any person with a bit of money in the wallet with a weekend escape - a way to feel better about one's life, even though your life is not really better - so humanity - as the strange beings we have accepted ourselves to be - have all agreed that instead of sorting out our reality - so that our children dont have to gro up and become drug addicts - we rather leave things as they are, under the false hope that 'one-day' things will go better'. Shame - generation after generation humans are born into the same lives - where we all at some point or another experience emotional, physical or financial turmoil to the point where most adults are addicted to some form of substance reliance - and yet - we still cling onto the hope that miraculously somehow it will get better for us - like living in a lottery where one day things will change for me. The fact that there are billions of other 'mes' also hoping for the same thing and also therefore standing the same minuscule chance of having their lives turn around - means that the chance of 'me' really having a better live is really small. We all stare at pictures of celebrities and hope that we will one day be that person - but we wont you see - the celebrities and elites are specifically in those roles only because they are the minority which exist in positions within society where they have that one small thing no-one else has - which is the whole reason why the polarity of rich/poor exists.

Nobody wants to see this polarity system we have come to call life - and the harm that it really causes. We are constantly in internal battles fighting with ourselves and others to compete with and win the spot of celebrity and elitist - we do not see that human life on this planet - has become a race to have more money than others - with the comparison and motivation point being those who live in absolute poverty and die each day in fear and discomfort. According to the laws of Capitalism for example which has become the law of human life - to succeed and to prosper as a human, you have to gain and you have to 'better yourself' as in 'have more than others'. Even spirituality - has become an energy equivalent of the 'richness' of spirit, a race throughout ones life to be better than other souls and to appear better to ones adversaries because one has apparently obtained some higher consciousness or ability. This is all the game of money and capitalistic-energy exchange where either one has devoted ones life to obtaining more money than others - which results in the comforts one would call 'a heavenly/blissful existence' - or one then would seek out the more spiritual-energetic experience - where one claims to devote ones life, not to monetary riches, but to the riches of character and of the soul - all of it make believe concepts conjured up through Capitalists to sell products through the media to the wanting human, using feelings and emotions and ideas of happiness to lure all humans through our greatest desires. Once you have been caught on the hook of Capitalism, which if you dare to be self honesty you will see, as I have - that there are millions and millions of various types of hooks one would become enchanted with - just like the fish in the water who look through the murkiness, to identify their one pretty picture, the shape or colour of the bait that they have been programmed to respond to and in a moment the fish changes into the prey - the one that will swim towards the bait, wishing for that morsel - fearing that its live could be in danger if this is a trap - but non the less being compelled by a hunger in that moment for that specific type of bait.

The human Capitalistic drive is and has always been the same - triggering human responses through our base design of addictions to feelings, emotions and experiences that just like a drug - brings us closer to 'energy-happiness' - therefore from our youth we are taught that happiness has its price and that happiness is connected to how one lives and how you design your life within this world, while competing with others and the only way to have what others do not have, allowing one to feel happy, is to outshine other humans by buying ones 'betterness' in the form of whichever brand or item would give one the experience of happiness/status. These concepts we live by as consumers, have really become the pinacle and cornerstone of human existence - to live for and as consumers and through this to purchase our lifestyles which contains numerous items and experiences which give us pleasure and the feeling of fulfilment. Even something as simplistic as buying the next best big screen tv - more often than not has very little to do with any practical consideration about the requirement of a 'big screen tv' - it has to do with an energetic charge linked to the masturbation system of the mind - whereby after purchasing ones new exuberant item, we experience a sense or relieve and sense of completion and happiness at having this newest, 'bestest' item which others do not have - thus giving one the false experience of gratitude to life and within ones life - but who and to what are we really grateful for?

We live to survive in varying degrees - from day to day hand to mouth survival - to the survival of the fittest humans with the competing life styles - either way in itself, this 'survival' drive of the human - has also become our worst enemy one could say - and this we are seeing in the reality of how many people are really addicted to substances that allow them to suppress, forget and hide how they really experience themselves - be it the rich, the poor, the successful business man/woman, the emotional teenager or the happy spiritual types - the question is what are the causes behind why a society that proclaims to 'love life' are escalating in the use and abuse of drugs?

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