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Day 98: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Why does Separation and Inequality exist?

I was reading Day 4 of the Heaven's Journey to Life Blog, and decided to share my perspective - specifically in relation to the following section:

"What one will Find with the writing of self-forgiveness – is that realisations as solutions to self/this world open up within/during the writing of self-forgiveness.
We have as human beings always been waiting for solutions to the problems/consequence creations of the Mind and the World, when with writing self-forgiveness – one will realise that we’ve in fact been waiting for ourselves. As one write self-forgiveness, self-forgiveness is the action of the decision made by self to take responsibility for self, and in taking/giving/gifting self with that responsibility – one become equal-to and one with the “problem”/consequence creation, making the statement: “I am taking responsibility for this problem/consequence creation as me”. In being/becoming the “problem”/consequence creation one will as the “problem”/creation see/find/realise the Solution.
We’ve only created problems/consequences within ourselves and this world because we’ve separated ourselves from the responsibility and directive principle of what we create in our Minds and this world, and in that separation from our creation – we have not seen/realised/understood the solutions because all we’re seeing/have become is the “problems”/manifested consequence.
Therefore, self-forgiveness is the process of no more accepting and allowing separation from self’s creation as the Mind and this World, but walking the process of self-forgiveness as taking self-responsibility as self as the Mind and the World that has become the ‘self’ as ‘self’s creation’ self has accepted and allowed self to separate self from.
Realise you’re the solution – join us in the process of self-forgiveness, so that we can change/transform/stop the manifested consequence our creation as ourselves as the Mind and the World has manifested for self and this existence as a whole due to our accepted and allowed abdication of responsibility and the power of directive principle as we’ve accepted and allowed our self-separation, so that we walk/live the solution to/as all as equality and oneness..."

What I had found when investigating the current World Systems that create situations of Abuse for Life on this planet, was that no amount of looking outside of myself at those that I could blame - would really stand as a solution, a way forward - here, let me explain why. For a long time- many years in fact I had observed and pondered about why we as humanity are able to look at all of the abuse that exists due to profit and the survival of the human according to monetary survival - and how we are able to stand by and watch others being subjected to suffering and pain, so that we can have a system that provides 'scarcely', for the rest of us.

I then after allowing myself for a long time to simply be shocked and appalled by the images of abuse, realised over a few months of actual looking behind the veil of hope and hopelessness, who it is that is actually responsible for why we as humanity are able to allow immense suffering which escalated yearly, so that the rest of us may scrape by in fear of not being able to pay our bills. At which point did I as a human abdicate my self responsibility as the one that actually gives permission to this Abuse System and how did I do it?

Initially my reaction was one of 'No - I dont actually abuse anyone and besides how am I supposed to stop these large corporations from abusing people, animals and the planet?" - now most people are able to relate to this statement - we as humanity have all at some points faced the questions - where we ourselves ask ourselves 'how can I live in such a world?' and the answer we provided as justification and means of coping, is and always has been 'that it is beyond me', or 'was not my direct doing.'

I was encourages to look beyond the comfortable reasons why I am not responsible, to actually investigate deeply the reality of acceptance. Acceptance is a funny thing - it is clearly here for us all to see, and yet every single one of us, will make excuses for what we accept as humanity and will even create a division between what we really accept and give permission to and 'ourselves' - as if there is a magic button we all keep pushing each day to create a separation between 'we' and what 'we give permission to'.

So as a simple example - I looked at the Psychology of the human currently - what words and languages do we all use like a tribal understanding of giving things a value that takes away the reality of it and just makes it 'numb/null/not so". For example - and this is how I realised the truth of myself: If I continue to support - not just by remaining silent, but through vigorous debating, and defending - the existence of the capitalistic System - then I am directly saying - I am alright with:

  • Child trafficking,
  • animals abuse
  • Spousal abuse due to monetary dependance
  • death due to not having health insurance
  • starvation
  • wars
  • famine
  • corporate theft
  • unemployment
  • illegal trade
  • greed
  • abuse of the elderly due to disgruntled staff and mismanagement
  • rape caused by sex industries pushing fantasies of rape for profit
  • rape caused by the division between male and female due to females not being able to provide for themselves
  • genocide
  • terrorism due to political agendas over resources (greed)
  • political agendas
  • the destruction of the planet/rain-forests/oceans etc
  • families without homes
  • people dying from the cold because of excessive electricity bills
  • drug abuse due to pushing drugs for greed
  • drug abuse due to life stress over money/survival
  • household abuse due to tension over money
  • constant fear of survival/not being able to pay my bills.
  • depression and suicide due to fear of not having money
  • death rates linked to people becoming ill due to job losses and stress over not having money
  • deception
  • product redundancy
  • overproduction of food which goes to waste which places more stress on production/farmers/profit
  • abusive trades developing more and more due to greed and the need for people to survive
  • oil running out
  • pain and illness due to people not being able to seek medical attention
  • Political mass murder and manipulation.
  • Kidnappings
  • extortion
  • consumerism


This is obviously a VERY short list - of things I could type in two minutes. What I realised as I removed the veil, the separation I created between the me and what I accept as my world systems - was that if at any point I said 'yes I want Capitalism' - then I also have to realize I say yes to all of the above (and then some). There is no way to separate the two. And in relation to the above article excerpt - I realised that this was saying something rather sad about me - where did I change as a child for me to see images of rape, torture, war, fear, death, pain etc and make it ok? Then if given an alterative to the current capitalistic system or asked to help develop a sustainable solution, and I still said 'no I prefer capitalism' then I am still saying " I prefer those things to happen to those beings, then give up what capitalism does for me"

This fear came up within me a few times- of apparently loosing the benefits of for example being rich - which i traced again to the energetic addiction of for example 'feeing more important than other people'. Each justification and internal dialogue that came up turning me away from 'doing what is best for all' and stopping the Abuse - I could immediately identify the fear behind any excuse I had - the fear of not feeling special, the fear of not looking better than others, the fear of being normal, the fear of just being me, the fear of others also beings special, - god.... how ridiculous - that we will in the wink of an eye sell out our whole planet - just for those ridiculous, transparent, temporary experiences,...

jesus once said - 'Do to others as you would have them do to you' - but I see that in our world if Jesus was here, he would be subject to Capitalism just like the rest of us, and if he was in a situation of for example freezing to death because he could not pay the exorbitant electricity bills while Kate and William are globetrotting all over the world to be oogled for their apparent 'royalness' - and Jesus asked me 'my friend can you not help me - 'sorry dude I love you but I looove Capitalism more'... Life has become this cheap unfortunately.

Please join us in investigating the adjustment of the values and principles of Capitalism into a system that Supports and honours the expression of Life:

I suggest watch the following Documentary: 'Obey'

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