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Day 97: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use Part 2

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Day 96: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use

The next part of the Documentary focusses on the drug users, who get together, take a drug like ecstasy, and allow themselves to spend an evening of conversation, and allowing themselves to experience closeness and a new found comfort with those on their company and with themselves. This type of drug use, allows the user to develop self intimacy and self expression, where the drug allows them to let go of fear and inhibitions and be more open and expressive. Here one would classify drug use within the same context's of using it to either heighten or suppress experiences for the user, allowing one to step out of one Mind-Personality suit, so to speak - to for a few hours experience that which you are not usually able to give to yourself.

Obviously, there are various reasons why people take drugs - the main contexts that one is able to see stepping forth though, is that the drug connects to the users mind and changes, suppresses or heightens certain mental aspects for the person on their behalf, this obviously depends on the chemical compound i.e. the purpose of the drug.

Each drug user will give a reason for using the drug, and that reason is how the person defend their use of drug. If one then look behind the reason, which is usually the beautiful things like 'expression' spirituality and heightened levels of consciousness' you will see the cause behind why people use drugs. The causes are for example depression, anxiety, Fear, wanting to forget, Pain, Worries, Suppression of Emotions such as Anger, Jealousy, to alleviate the discomfort around poverty and lack of money to purchase what others have etc..

The drug user and the drug culture will always stop at the Reason given for using drugs, and for most the trigger points of using specific words like spiritual enlightenment or opening oneself up to having a good time - is the universal triggers within each, to continue allowing and accepting these Chemical-Mind Relationships -because within most human beings a desire exists to be able to escape their mundane experience in Life, and to have the happy, joyous experience. However, by providing a Chemical crux from which people can skip ahead to the desired outcome, nobody really wants to look at the actual causes.

Therefore as a society, we have come to accept the causes of suffering and discomfort - as part of 'Life' and therefore we have all fallen into the marketing trap of consumerism of -buying the apparent solution to the discomfort. However, as any person is able to see , it is not the solution to the problems, for example if human beings have over the last 60 years become increasing addicted to the experience of 'Energy; existent within and as polarities of happy and sad - then this in itself shows how we will accept life situations where people endure sadness/abuse in life, and that the cure is to seek happiness. Nobody has ever changed the value systems of our Society so that these Polarity systems no longer have to exist. Consumerism functions according to these Human-Polarity Systems, therefore those who study how the Human Mind functions, will not reveal that they understand the problem and that there are solutions to these Self-Abuse Systems - instead - because everyone is dependent on an income, we all Lie to the consumer, selling them the product which is always about accepting hardships/pain/suffering and then participating in whichever drug like consumerism, entertainment, drugs, sex etc until the 'bad experience goes away'.

So if one were to peal the layer of any drug habit one will go one step back to the reason given, then if one take a step back from that you will see the actual cause. This cause, if directed effectively within our society would mean the end of this entire Abuse pattern with it's 'cause, reason and solution'. However the human as a consumer of Energy is already addicted to the energy experiences which are used by corporations to ensure our daily consistent participation in the Capitalistic system. Even if it is something as strange as forcing somebody to find money somehow to be able to feed your physical body after somebody else claimed ownership of the natural resources given to all by the physical by the physical. Under the laws and values of Capitalism, we have designed these very strange laws and rules, such as 'no health care, then you can suffer and die' - and yet everyone has accepted it because those who direct and manufacture these strange laws do so according to the Human Mind Systems of Energy Addiction - and that is why the populous follow whatever the governments and law makers and corporations throw at us, because they are always triggering our sense of survival within our Energy Dependent Mind Consciousness Systems.

I watched a fascinating documentary today called: "Obey' - which gives an effective overview of where we are at on the world, who directs what and where are we headed. I suggest watch it.

So getting back to drugs and the causes of drug use, no matter what the 'drug' is. If one look back for example at the two scenarios I extracted from the documentary, you will see that the main concepts around drugs use - the 'prettifying' of why people use drugs are always words like 'Love', 'enlightenment' 'enjoyment', 'bliss', heightened consciousness', the universe, 'oneness', 'letting go', cleansing', 'pleasure', 'comfort', 'courage' etc. Just like the description/explanation in the documentary 'Obey' the actual causes behind why any human entertains and distracts themselves within these fake realities, is really to cope with Life as we have come to accept it. Behind the pretty concepts like Oneness and Love, really exists boredom, fear, anger, jealousy, loneliness, fear of survival, etc. Mostly it allows the being to quieten their Mind, to be able to go into a Mind Reality where all is well, in fact there it looks like the universe and you get to travel amongst the stars and visit parallel universes and you gain access to knowledge not previous known etc.... an interesting journey for the participant who is drawn away from the conscious awareness of THIS physical reality into a Alternate Mind-Reality that amazes the Human, drawing them back, time and time again to the next drug experience. The Mind is very good at providing symbols, pictures, information and experiences with the guidance of course of the these Mind-altering chemical.

The causes are those aspects of our current reality that no person, that I have met thus far really, actually wants to face or even change. In the documentary they also speak about this point quite clearly - where most people understand that to go against the systems that cause the suffering and discomfort which are the real reasons behind why we do what we do such as the use of drugs, and the obsession with entertainment, celebrities and the self image created through the media - to go against these 'causes' could cost you your comforts in Life and your health and safety. We are constantly bombarded with images of America etc bombing countries that dared go against the ultimate force - and we constantly see CNN-type images of protester beings shot, set on fure etc - and how their choice of 'standing' mostly costs them their lives - and within the quantum Mind (how the mind really functions at a quantum level) we process and decide to not 'fuck' with these system that could discriminate and hurt us if we stepped out of line. Each person just wants to actually live a nice, fun live and therefore the idea for most of giving that up to be a revolutionary or an activist, seems like... hard work and potential pain and suffering. So, why bother - it is not my generation that will see the end of this debacle we see unfolding before us.

To be continued...

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