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Day 100: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use Part 4

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Day 99: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Drug use Part 3

Let us look at an example or two of the character of somebody who uses and abuses drugs - allowing us to really get to know the mind-dimensions of how the average human decides to use a substance to enhance or suppress various experiences for themselves. Remember in Part 1 and 2, I spoke of the actual causes behind the 'given reasons'? Now this is what one wants to start exploring and de-constructing for oneself - when and as one decides to support oneself through any form of addiction. I spoke of for example the reasons given as being 'enlightenment, heightened consciousness, love, closeness, happiness, enjoyment, confidence, calmness etc, - however if one peel back the layers and ask the next questions - tell me more about how you experience yourself the rest of the time if you are not using a substance or tell me about your fears and anxieties and thought patterns, when you are unable to rely on a substance - then the picture starts looking differently and the 'truth' of the individuals experience will become more transparent.

So as an example I will walk the character dimensions of one type of drug user - let's say the person who takes dugs in a social environment to be able to let go and feel free to enjoy themselves amongst friends.

This revealing of the character dimensions - one is able to use for any type of addiction - of reliance - where one has placed ones trust, abilities and 'beingness' into another substance or person's power - instead of becoming self directive and learning how to live effectively within ones own body. To do this, within this world where we are constantly bombarded with images, ideas and belief systems of what it means to be human - it has become increasingly difficult to just live in our physical bodies. We grow up, for example believing that we are not just beings in a physical body - we are products of a society that requires of us to fit into specific categories - these societal categories are then linked to ones survival in the money system - for example who will marry you, what job you will get and where in society you will be allowed to live and participate - therefore we soon learn that the monetary system requires of us from an early age to dress , think, speak and act a certain way. This places tremendous pressure on the average human being, as we struggle day to day to survive not only monetarily - which requires of us to act and think in specific ways - but also according to our societal acceptance - most humans are taught that to be loved you have to be accepted - therefore to be accepted you have to think and act a certain way. So constantly the average human is squeezed into becoming characters and personalities within the larger societal systems, which will allow us to earn a living and earn a accepted postion in society. Step out of that role and for example reject the societal money or personality systems and you are seen as a bum a freak a weirdo and you might as well go live on the streets because obviously you will not just 'receive money' simply because you exist. If you reject the survival-monetary systems and how they function you will be without food and shelter. If you reject the societal ways of existing you will be rejected by others and the systems that dominate societal thinking such as your political parties, religions and culture groups will sort you out according to branding - you will be branded an outcast, weirdo or 'that woman/guy' and through group-think one is eventually excluded as people develop sufficient thoughts about you in their mind - whereby they will CONvinec themselves that you are not to be included in their space. So, for most who use drugs this is the reason why - pretending for a moment that you either feel nothing, see nothing or are able to express yourself amongst others without fear. In the case of business people for example -it will give them a new found ability to perform, which previously they actually secretly did not believe they had. For those who see themselves through the eyes of others - as just being another boring, inconsequential human being - these people will then seek our spiritual enlightenment, where together with the use of drugs - one steps into a new mind-character - where for as long as the drug supports your delusions, you are a new being - this spiritual warrior that is now stepping beyond this cruel reality into the purer spiritual realms where you are not judged but in fact loved and admired for your spiritual depth and 'wisdom'.

That is why most spiritual people - when accessing these alternate thought realities - with or without drugs - as I have done myself - will reveal or have it revealed to them - that they were so-and-so in their past lives. This is quite hilarious because I myself had a meditation session where I 'journeyed' through and into my past lives and 'saw' that I was Isis the Egyptian Godess. Do you know how many people have been Isis in their past lives? How many people have been told in spiritual groups that they are the real Jesus or Cleopatra? This all confirms largely the habitual tendencies of the human to secretly seek a better experience of ourselves, due to the feeling and experience that this life we are in now is just not special enough and just not worth it. Sounds familiar? - yes - we all at some point go into this experience of 'is this it?' -and specifically in relation to the drug user - here one is looking at the escape from this 'boring or fearful or pressurised' reality where most understand that the fake face we put on in the morning as as we leave our house to go earn a living in the system - is not who we really are. Then we subject ourselves to a substance or method of coping with our live to make it more - therefore whether one uses substances, entertainment, imagination or addictions like sex/masturbation - these are all the role play realities we as society have come to accept as the acceptable way for people to express themselves and have fun, therefore, instead of changing this reality that we all feel we have to run away from, we keep this reality as the system that sucks the life from all beings for the profit of the corporations, while the rest of us play our roles within these systems, and then avoid our real experiences by going home and finding ways to cope.

So in the next part - the exploration of the character dimensions....

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