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Day 16: International Crime Research- Bipolar Disorder and Violent Crimes: Self-Commitment Statements

The Self-Commitment Statements based are based on all the Blogs below:

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I commit myself to expand myself not due to pictures, expectations and fear of survival within the system, but based on common sense and self will, within the context of self-enjoyment, whilst supporting Life here as what is best for all, as myself.

I commit myself to evaluate how I value expansion within myself and to not accept and allow fear based expansion to move within me as my starting point of who I am and what I live.

I commit myself to establishing a new economic system, which will allow all beings to truly expand themselves here within physical self expression and not as it exists currently where all are merely developing themselves within ‘skill sets’ required of us to survive in the current money system.

I commit myself to grounding myself using the breath, to no longer accept and allow myself to move myself within irritation towards myself.

I commit myself to stopping judgments towards myself and others, as I realize that all judgments are separation of myself towards myself and others. I also realize that to use the mind to judge others indicates a cycle of self-abuse, because in judging others for who they are or how they do things one is eventually judging Self as one judges simply to judge – and judgment has no practical purpose.

I commit myself to look at each person and individual within their process and I direct myself according to the situation, according to what is best for all – not according to judgments.

I commit myself to stop all energy patterns, behavior and addictions within myself, to stop the cycle of hyperactivity versus laziness as a pattern which I realize serves no purpose and in the end still requires my self willed self direction.

I commit myself to no longer participate in any world system design that encourage me to act out in hyperactivity by stimulating me through pictures, words, desires as I realize that being stimulated by an outside source not only indicates that I am subject to another, but also subjects me to abuse and the allowance of people abusing each other for profit and personal self interest.

I commit myself to establish a new economic system that will end all abuse which currently only exists because people are addicted to energy, simply because we have come to accept ourselves as machines that move according to the will of others. Therefore by changing the money system so that beings are no longer trapped in survival, I will also be removing our inherent tendencies to allow ourselves to be manipulated through the system and those with money – to stand up within ourselves and finally grasp what it means to Live and me Life.

I commit myself to no longer accept myself to try and manipulate people’s energy levels when in their company by raising my voice, using specific tonalities and trying to get people exited or to laugh – all of this being used to get people to find me amusing or interesting – based on a desire for self appreciation through the appreciation of others. This game of self versus others through the mind, where we use each other for personal gain is how and why people develop the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder as we attempt to either suppress or express that which we believe others want from us either within family, societal, religious, cultural or economic situations.

I commit myself to no longer allow myself o treat children within the current world understanding where we terrain children in every moment to become specific personalities that serve the purpose of the family and the economic system.

I commit myself to support all beings equally within the context of ‘family’ as ‘those whom I share this planet with’ – to no longer condone within myself the abuse of beings due to the desire for profit and personal self-interest.

I commit myself to redefine the family, within the context of equality and to establish effective communication and to no longer allow mind games to be the directive principle within how one communicates with the members of the family.

I commit myself to stop subjecting my hidden desires, wants and fears on others beings, especially in the context of ‘family’ as the beings you share your space with and are responsible for – as I realize that to do so I am abusing them as life under the guise of ‘family’ -to serve me as my slaves.

I commit myself to no longer accept and allow science as the authority on the human mind, and instead I commit myself to the effective education and research of the human, to clear the clutter of what we have become as the human survival system – to return to the physical existence where all are equal and have equal rights.

I commit myself to present solutions through which I will be able to assist beings in to stop the use and abuse of substances as a way of suppression of apparent ‘living’ our ones hidden personalities – to bring about self honesty by supporting all within the process of self realization.

I commit myself to stop mood swings as mood disorders within myself, as this exists merely as a means of manipulation within the current societal value systems.

I commit myself to reveal family and societal deception and how it directly influences the experience of beings within this world as the outflow and consequence of what we allow depicted as Bipolar Disorder.

I commit myself to change my inner reality, where I accept and allow depression, irritability, elated moods, hyperactivity – to align myself here in consistency as the Physical – to no longer be subject to the mind and its dimensions within and how it exists currently as the Design of the Mind.

I commit myself to ending violence in our society by no longer accepting and allowing myself to participate in any form of sport, culture, and ways in which society participates in condoning war, abuse, separation and the honoring of self interest over Life.

I commit myself to show that the mind is not invincible and that if we do not direct ourselves to stop the madness that has become the human, we will face the consequences and submit our future generation to the karma as direct consequences of what we all accept ad allow now.

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