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Day 118: Capitalism Part 6: Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Statements on Blame and Self-Responsibility within Capitalism

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Day 117: Capitalism Part 5: Self-Forgiveness on Blame and Self-Responsibility within Capitalism

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear placing myself in the shoes of another person or animal that has to die as a commodity within capitalism, a being who's plot in life I have ascribes as being nothing, worthless, less than me - therefore creating and systematizing a belief and a structural system called the Economy and Society - where I have allowed such suffering and abuse in the name of Money.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to know and understand that I am unwilling to place myself in the shows of another, not only because I understand the sacrifice and pain that the being is placed into, but also I realize that the consequences are actually very real for that being - the pain is very real, the loss would be the same for me - however in my mind I have already decided that it is alright for others to endure that suffering - as long as it is not me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to therefore allow Capitalism to function and evolve on the suffering of billions each day so that the rest of us may buy into the happiness polarity - instead of realizing that it is possible for all to have equal happiness and equal opportunity - just like I would like to have for myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ascribe joy and fulfillment to the lives of those who are lucky enough like myself - and to allow the thinking that 'bad things happen to other people' - not realizing that in my thinking process I have condemned and continue to condemn billions of beings to a live of torture and pain - not realizing that this is the true value I have ascribes to myself - this is who I am - and that if there were to be a god or a jesus or a higher consciousness looking at me as who I am - then obvious in common sense then they would realize that the product of what I have given direct permission to even though through indirect words and my vote and by not speaking up - it is still my legacy - that which exists within me which I have allowed to become the fate for others.

when and as I find myself believing that my outer reality somehow manifested itself separately from me actually over time giving permission to and agreeing with the principles of how capitalism functions - I stop, and I allow myself to through breathing come back here to the reality of self honesty of who I really have become

within this I realize that I am not infact this life form that abuses others to have a gain and more favorable outcome in life

therefore I commit myself to when I in anyway justify why it is ok for abuse to happen in this world -  to serve my existence - I stop I breathe and let go of this self created self righteous illusion - which I have allowed myself to be brainwashed within.

when and as I find myself going in to fear of change, fear of responsibility towards my outer reality as a reflection of my inner world and fear of changing my inner reality - I stop, I breathe and realize that the energetic reaction of fear is only that - a pre-programmed response to anything new, any challenge to my pre-conceived ideas - my 'personalities' ' that I am in fact limited by this definition of myself as nothing, worthless, an abuser, and someone who sits by and waits for death while clinging to hope that pain ans suffering will not happen to me or my family - instead of realizing that the key to changing the outcome to what is best for all - is in fact and has always been us - myself, all who have a voice, have access to the internet and are able to communicate verbally or on paper the living word as what is best for all.

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