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Day 113: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 1: Death in the work place.

In the following series I will be exploring some common sense insights and considerations into the Psychology behind the crimes against Life, that occur within and due to the Capitalistic System -which has become the one system - we all have to live by, cannot avoid - but suffer the most within - through our lives from the moment of birth until we die. In the blogs I will explore various avenues/dimensions of ur Capitalistic System, to show and share the direct situations of Abuse that could be prevented if we as Humanity came together to change such a system - however - no matter how much Abuse and suffering happens every day - humanity will not and does not consider changing the Capitalistic System. Instead as I have noticed most support the system and wil even defend it vigorously as if we have been brainwashed into believing that no matter how bad it gets - we do not and will not question Capitalism - as if the Earth itself was created with Capitalism in place - and not simply a man made creation, created with so many flaws and inconsiderations, which are now allowed to run automatically on our behalf with the majority of beings on this planet, crying out in pain and suffering each second of each day - indicating that Capitalism itself has been the biggest Holocaust - the biggest form of Mass Murder known in the History of Mankind - and yet strangely enough - nobody cares?

Why is this allowed to happen, how did we get to a point where we decided that Hitlers Holocaust is absolutely unacceptable and to even speak of someone like Hitler without hate and content, will result in internet attacks and questions to your Humanity - and yet that which kills and maims and tortures the most individuals to date - Capitalism - is not only left to proceed with its destruction on Life - but is never questioned by the same Humans who claim to not agree with Murder, Mass Murder, Rape, Child Abuse, Suffering, Holocausts, Victimisation, Starvation, Animal Abuse etc... but if it is done in the name of a system that we could change if we wanted to - but seem to not want to change - then it remains 'ok'. How did we do the maths?

So in the blogs I will share crimes against life by Capitalism plus the Psychology (the psyche of the Human) behind why we say we do not support Harm - but continue to support Harm. The question is, why do we keep turning a blind eye?

I start this series with a recent event in the news:

Daughter’s agony as she discovers her mother is among 230 dead in Primark factory disaster while rescuers fight to save survivors screaming in the rubble

"Bangladeshi rescue workers are continuing their increasingly desperate for survivors in a collapsed clothes factory building where workers made cheap clothes for Primark.
Hundreds were killed when the eight-storey Rana Plaza in Savar on the outskirts of Dhakar collapsed yesterday, the day after cracks were seen in its walls. The death toll continues to rise and currently stands at more than 230. Forty people have been pulled alive from the rubble today.
There were agonising scenes of grief as relatives lined up to identify corpses laid outside a local school building. One woman screamed in anguish as she reached out to her mother, pulled dead from the heartbreaking scene of destruction."
-40 people pulled alive from the rubble today after building collapse which killed more than 230 people
-Police said factory owners appeared to have ignored a warning after crack was detected on Tuesday
-Workers tell how they were threatened with the sack if they refused to go work after seeing the cracks
- Charges of criminal negligence have been filed against the building's owner."

We tend to look at these pictures and feel a pang of fear, anxiety and it sickens us for a moment - the thought moves through our mind 'oh shame those poor people' and then we might consider our lives, our safety in the work place and the safety of our family and close friends when they leave for work in the mornings - And that is pretty much it. Have you noticed as I have, that no matter how many gut-wrenching pictures people show of horrible tragedies that happen each day, each second to people, animals and the planet - nothing happens, nothing stirs within the human other than shallow emotional reactions and further thoughts of fear around 'hoping this does not happen to me or my family. Other than that - have you noticed that other than developing all sorts of Fear thoughts and reactions within the Mind - and holding onto religion and Hope as a means of alleviating the Fear in our minds in relation to what 'could happen to us', to 'our families' when we leave our homes for the day - NOTHING -no action, no words, no changing of anything - why? Why have we detached ourselves from this reality and yet we have such an extensive Fear of this reality - as these events unfold each day? Firstly, we acknowledge that these events are very real and very painful and could cause the end of ones life. This drives us, as I mentioned previously to heightened fears about our world, ourselves, our children and others - as we live in constant worry and Fear about what 'others' could do to us. However - we do not stop to question why these things happened, and then when faced with the simplicity actually of why these things happened, most humans - as I have noted for myself turn tail and run in the opposite direction. Most will then deny that the underlying cause is in fact the underlying cause and will make up all kinds of excuses once faced with the reality of why the underlying system that was the direct result of such a tragedy is still ACCEPTABLE and OK - though the agreement of Mankind.

So here I draw a parallel between the two points I mentioned in the first section of my blog - we just dont care enough. How did we get to this point? Do we notice that something is off with our Empathy and our Humility -that we shed tears for Movie stars, but do nothing about real Suffering? Another example of our pre-selected system of 'caring and love': If a parent is faced with a child molesterer wanting to take their child - the pattern will do whatever they can, even threaten their own safety to ensure that the child remains safe, is never harmed and the child molesterer will be hunted down and prosecuted. However when it comes to Abuse to Life on this planet for the Self Interest of Man - then we choose and protect the Self Interest of the Individual with the biggest voice over the Rights of the Individuals that are harmed - such as in the case of Corporations and the fundamentals of Capitalism that we as Society - the Consumers and the ones that support those who implement and control the System. We are the ones allowing the Abuser not only to continue - but we will smile and agree and even reason - as to why this Abuser has all the right to do what he/she does. As long as it is not me and my family being harmed - as sad as it is this as we have come to see - has only resulted in ALL humans existing in FEAR ALL the time - because we actually know and understand - that if those people could die in a collapsed building - what prevents me from dying tomorrow on my way or at my workplace? God, aliens, hope, my lucky charms, some cosmic plan? Here I will not yet go into the Illusions and Delusions we use to Cope with these constant fears and understanding of what might happen to us - you know those coping mechanisms like religion, drugs, entertainment etc. If you look inside the Mind of ALL humans equally - you will see individual Fears around the what' if's - where each human smiles and puts on a brave smile as we leave our door. We all have the exact same fears of death, fear of survival, fear of being hurt - and yet we all Lie to each other and claim we are not in Fear - that we are protected because we are lucky or god loves us or we paid our way to our place in the world and therefore Greed and Deception cannot take our lives...

Myself for example - I ask myself the question - would I want to go to work tomorrow and Die in a horrible accident - willingly - knowing that cheap clothes can be sold to the public - which allows the Wealthy Elite to become richer - ABSOLUTELY NOT! - and I challenge any human to place ourselves in the shoes of the person who dies for someone else MONEY - for GREED - so that the minority may experience ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE and WEALTH. Would you trade shoes with every being that is harmed in every most excruciating way each day on this planet in the name of the capitalistic system - the system that not only is the only way we have chosen to Live currently but hold each of us - by choice prisoner to this system of 'Life', 'Death' and 'Struggle'.

To be continued...

More recent News:

'There was a foot of dust... it was like 9/11': Shock as 100-year-old building collapses to ground in a pile of rubble

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