Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 112: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Solutions to the Socio-Economic causes of Drug use (Part 16)

The next aspect I would like to explore is the economic pressures that drive the individual to a substance use to cope with their experience. As mentioned in the previous few blogs where I discussed economic problems driving individuals to substance abuse - we are looking here at again - a sustainable solution for all of society - to solve all problems that find their cause in pressures found within fear of survival, which most humans are facing in this capitalistic system. So again just as I highlighted in my previous blog - I am interested here - to not focus on sustaining Capitalism by feeding the profit's of companies and individuals - thereby implementing therapeutic systems and 'solutions' where the outcome serves an economy - no - my focus in addressing the economic problems and their solutions - would be to adress the underlying disfunction of our current system of money - which we are all tied to and bound by currently - if we want to Live. Therefore - one is not able to disregard Capitalism and the other systems of this society as we are dependent on interacting with these systems - to survive - it is literally 'no joking matter'.

So to adress a system that is flawed by its own principles as the value of Life has become about how much profit can be made from this physical reality - we see here that we have a long way to go - to firstly even comprehend the devastating effect that our lust for money has had and for now will continue to have on life on this planet.

So - as a sustainable solution to stop once and for all people having to use drugs to avoid the pain/suffering/consequences/fear that they are going through because of a money system - I suggest to please read the following articles on the Equal Money System , which is proceeded firstly by our suggestion for Equal Money Capitalism - which is the stage where we firstly work from where we are now with the value of labour/work participation within the system - however as you will read, the changes that will take place is that we no longer allow any forms of abuse and we start to remove and investigating what production causes our planet harm, while also looking at the fair distribution of profits for a product made according to the individuals who participated n making the product. Thus far I have simply provided a basic summary of these stages of changing our monetary system to one that supports Life - however due to the varying articles that have already been writing on the subject - I suggest to please take a look at the following pages:

Therefore, as you are able to see from the material - the solution to drug addiction used to remove fear/stress around monetary survival - is the remval of the survival point - by providing for each a basic income from birth. Therefore each human will exist from birth - by 'birthright' to Live, not survive - which takes each one out of constant fear of survival and competition for greed, to a 'equal and one' opportunity to express ourselves and to actually enjoy ourselves in this world. Therefore the rewards that we will see - where we remove the current fear, brainwashing and indoctrination around 'surviving' according to the principles of capitalism - will speak for themselves as the nature of the human will change and our living will become about a purified, interaction with ourselves, our world and each other - therefore no more addictions and other forms of abuse will be 'required' as this will obviously fall away as a need to escape a world that is now abusing the majority to serve the minority.

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