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Day 115: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 3: Death in the work place - am I ready to take Responsibility?

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Day 114: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: Capitalism Part 2: Death in the work place - the solution.

So looking at the issue of work related abuse, death, discrimination and suffering; Obviously the solution would be to change the emphasis of 'Life' from one of survival to that of 'Living'. This would imply that we stop living for greed, placing the majority of lives under constant survival and fear - and we give to all an equal Right to Life. This is of course not something we can actually give as it was and always will be everyone's 'equal right' - however I have found that the  human Ego is so extensive - that for now one has to deal with change as if it is given from one set of minds(mine's)/people to the rest - where we have deluded ourselves into believing that we were not the cause of the problem in the first place and as such are so good intentioned that we will now take the time to 'fix the problem' and 'give what we would like to receive'. Therefore even Jesus' words indicate a lapse in human judgment - where we have to retrain the human who is only for now concerned with self-profit - to for 'god's sake' 'give what you would like to receive' - where we the ones that each live in basic comfort can 'give' this to others because we have decided it is 'the right thing to do'.

The fact that planet earth exists as an equal and one manifestation of the physical - equally creating all resources for the physical as the physical - with no stickers attached to items claiming who can get what - is totally missed by all 'well intentioned humans'. Therefore if one still claims to want to in one way or another control the resources that people get to be able to ultimately determine ones survival over another - understand then that this 'mind-set'shoes that the programming for survival still exists within the individual  and that such an individual is still wanting their life style protected over that of others. This is the foundation from which Capitalism has always functioned -finding new celever ways to manipulate people into believing they are doing the 'right things'  - but when you lift the veil you will see that behind it - there are some receiving rewards like 'better wages' or 'housing projects' or 'charities', while a minority still lives it up in splendor.

That is how I realized that any person or organization that does not want to change the principles of Capitalism to stop corruption and  stop greed but to band-aid the problem with charities and community-development-projects - is still existent within the same deception behind how ALL of us protect the Money System. Is is simple - one is always able to use the basic maths - if a solution is not truly what is best for all - then it is not what is best for all. This inherently finds its way into how we function in this world and is always coming from the point of Fear - fear of loss - fear of not feeling special - fear of not having more - fear of not seeing myself as better/bigger/more if I am the same as others.

So the question to be asked before we even continue with the Capitalism series - is: 'who will I be if I am the same as everyone else - if everyone else has the same food, drinking water, house, car and opportunities in life that I have?' Would I feel relieved that we have finally stopped abusing each other and the planet  - or would I again go into competition with others and find a way to sabotage life for all? This I found, is the first 'mind-trap' where people go into justifications and reasons why a new Economic System will 'never work' - where the excuses usually exist around 'others will deceive' and what if 'others wont work equally' or 'what if others' use the opportunity to again deceive people' - I found that if the excuse of others comes up such as 'I wont change because others wont change' - it exists within each human because it is each one that is deceiving - therefore people do not want to change full stop and the excuse of 'others', or 'communism' or 'loss of freedom of choice' is always just an intelectualised ways of saying 'I like the world the way it is, thus far it has worked out for me - and I am really not that concerned over the suffering of others to ultimately do something about it'. This is of course never the person lying dead under a 9 story collapsed building. It is always the person fortunate enough to have the internet to argue for the limitations of Capitalism - therefore I have found that the comforts of Capitalism, always leaves one wanting to protect what you have - and thus we never consider the ones that suffer - and we would never consider walking in their shoes for a one day let alone a life time. Therefore I have found that placing the responsibility with the ones that are alive, that can make a change - that can democratically voice themselves and stand for a practical change - these are the people who say 'no, I prefer it when buildings collapse on 'those' inconsequential workers, I didn't know them so why do I care'. Funny things is, if you and I were told tomorrow that we will go and work for minimum wages every day for long arduous hours, in a condemned building that can collapse at any moment so that they Elite can wear Tommy Hilfiger jeans -what would we say 'lead the way?' I don't think so, and yet the dichotomy is that the ones left to the suffering and not given that choice - they are simply made to do it. Do we not consider for a moment that each of the people suffering in abusive labor situations also wanted to Live?

Life is not a commodity that only a few get a Right to and common sense shows - of one look at the time line of how Capitalism is becoming more corrupt - eventually as we are already seeing - more and more of the working class will in fact be affected by Capitalism. We are already seeing how more and more families are thrown in a life time of Debt, how more and more people go without a decent meal, how more and more people suffer through the cold winters of Britain while the Royal family gets flown all over for their entertainment - how more and more people die from horrible painful diseases because the medicine to assist them is withheld.

I have also noticed that the human (as I have done myself) only learns and changes when things get to tough, to bad, to unbearable  -so are we headed towards absolute suffering for most? You do the Maths. If each person who dies after a life of simply surviving - gets to look back at their life - what do they realize about their lives - did it actually have any purpose? Did they get to live or did they Live to serve the Lives of others? How many who die each day - did so at the hands of corruption and greed? How many who die painfully each day - did so only for the entertainment of a few? How many who die each day did so - so that their own family may continue living in absolute poverty and a minority of the rich got to be even richer? These are the questions I suggest each ask themselves and place ourselves in the shoes of those for who it is definitely to late.

Further Reading -
Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation
"The Equal Life Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that focus on Redefining Human Rights to Result in Rights that Produce, at an Individual Level and a Global Level, a Result that is Best for Every Individual in the World; instead of having Multiple Different Organizations trying to do something, acting like Charities, being Controlled by the People that Donate to them - this is One Organization that Handles All of it and it’s Not a Charity. That means: We are Not Dependent on Donations. It Functions like a Business and is thus Self-Funded to Make Sure that there is No External Corporations that has a Say in Policy, firstly and secondly, because the Human does Not Like Donating unless they ‘Feel Bad’ about something. What we are doing is Producing the Ultimate Good so, You do not Get Donations for the Ultimate Good - and therefore: Donations is virtually Non-Existent within the Equal Life Foundation, with Very Little coming in that format.
It is a Non-Profit Organization, because it’s Protecting the Income to Not Go to Any Individual, but to Remain Within the Organization so that it can Focus on its Core Intent, its Objective to bring about a Constitutional Human Rights Dispensation that is Best for Everyone on Earth.
The First Fundamental Human Right that the Equal Life Foundation Promotes and Underwrites is that: Every Individual, Every Human Being has an Equal Life Right. That means: the Life You Have is Equal in Each One at the Point of Birth. That which Separates Man from Man is What Happens After-Birth once your Education starts for instance or your Environment Influences you, your Parents Influence you or the System Influences you - then You Start becoming a Separate Individual and are Taught Not to Respect the First Point that Makes your Existence Possible, which is Life. Life - that is the One Thing that is the Same. You cannot say: “One Person Has More Life than Another Person” – that Life, as a Life Force, is the Same in Each One and thus is the First Fundamental Right.
The Second Fundamental Human Right is that: Each Human Being is Made-up of Substances that is Given Freely by the Earth, so to speak - dust, water, clay, All the Chemicals and All the Parts that Forms the Eventual Physical Body. The Resources on Earth that are Available are also Freely Available. Therefore, All Resources on Earth, Fundamentally, as a Human Right - Belongs to Everyone. It is simply to be Managed in the Best Way to Ensure that Everyone that is on Earth Actually Receives the Support to make it possible to have a Life that is Worthwhile with Dignity and Happiness, in Peace and Harmony. Having Resources Controlled for the Individual Benefit of a Few is Nothing less than a form of Dictatorship and it is Disregarding Basic Human Rights in Every Way Possible.
The Third Fundamental Human Right is that: Every Human, Fundamentally, Requires Food to Exist, Food to Have a Life on Earth and therefore, Food (which is primarily, actually, a Substance that is Produced by the Earth for Free, to a degree - except for the Human Labour part) - Food is the Third Basic Human Right. Without Food, Nobody can Exist. The very moment Food becomes a Scarcity that is Used for Control, one Actually Produce and Change the Human into the Behavior of a Slave-Master Relationship and there exist No Human Right in that Relationship.
The Fourth Fundamental Human Right is a Fundamental Right as well, because the Human cannot Exist without Clean Water. Thus, Water (also freely Provided by the Earth - except for the part of Purifying it, which is the Human Labour part) - is a Fundamental Human Right that is Not Possible to be Negotiated, Sold or in any other way Used to Diminish Another Human Being. To Do such things is In Fact Human Rights Violations and a Crime.
The Fifth Fundamental Human Right is that: Every Human Being Requires a Place to Live, a Roof over their head, a Home, a House. The Human is Not Designed to Live out in Nature. The Human Requires a particular Known Way of Protection: a House. Housing is Not Negotiable when it comes to Human Rights, there is No Way that Anyone that has a House can Claim that their Right to a House is more than another and that they have a Right to Allow Others to Sleep on the Streets or to have No Place that they can call ‘Their Own.’ Thus, a Home You Can Call ‘Your Own’ is a Basic Human Right, which is part of the Fundamental Nature of the Human Being, the Actual Human Nature which is: You need Food, you need Water, you need a Home.
That brings us to the Sixth Fundamental Human Right, which is Education. Education is the Way with which the current Division is Created on Earth and How the Justification of the Abuse of Human Rights are in Fact Done. Education is What Creates the Human as it is Now, that Creates what is Now called ‘Human Nature’. But, in fact, the Nature of the Human is that: the Human can be Educated and this Education, Fundamentally, must be Based on What is Best for All - considering the Human Rights Equally for all; thus Producing an Understanding, From Birth, on How to Coexist on a Planet with Limited Resources, yet We are All Here.
Thus, it is a Violation to Allow Education to take place in a way that Justify Abuse in any way whatsoever, because it is a Known Fact that the Human will Become the Result of their Education. This is in fact Used and Abused Extensively by Those that Benefit from Being in Charge of the Education of the Human through Media, Education (Schools and Universities), Religions, Entertainment, Consumerism; as All the Systems that Now Educate and Manipulate the Human - simply Do So in Violating the Most Basic Human Rights, Justifying Why these Human Rights are Apparently ‘Not Valid’ and that the Only Valid Human Right, currently, is Profit, Ownership and Master-Slavery Relationships - all kinds of things that is in No way Actual Practical Human Rights or Fit in with the Very Nature of the Human being as a Physical Being.
The Seventh Fundamental Human Right is: the Right to Have a job, the Right to Labour, the Right to Have Access to the Means through which the Ecosystem, the Economy is Managed, which is the System of Distribution of Resources on Earth. Without such means, one Creates a Master-Slave Relationship and there are No Human Rights within that Relationship. Therefore, a Basic Human Right is a Job, Employment, being part of the Ecosystem so that one can Receive from it as you are giving to it. An Ecosystem is a Give and Receive, each one Participates by Giving Their Labour so that they can get/receive from it the Result of the Labour. Within that, there are Different Skills and Skill Levels that are Relevant to the Current Genetic Dispensation that has been Accepted – so, Some will be More Intellectual and some Less Intellectual. The More Intellectual will find More Interesting or Effective ways to take Substances from the Earth and Create New Products that can Benefit Everyone. Others will be Less Effective with that, but More Effective with Physical Labour and therefore: their Genetics will Support Physical Labour.
Identifying the particular Skill one has to Contribute to the System, the Ecosystem, the Economy obviously is Relevant, but At the End of the Day - The Right to Receive from the Ecosystem an Equal Measure Is a Basic Human Right as Part of the Basic Human Nature of a Physical Being that finds Themselves on Earth. Thus, Violating it as it is being done at the moment through the Current Systems that is being Utilized, Controlling it through Controlling the Education Systems so that nobody can Realize what they are Really Actually Allowing and Accepting on Earth - is Criminal at the very least.

This is but the Beginning parts of the Basic Human Rights that the Equal Life Foundation represents. You are Invited to Participate in both Specifying Considerations of these Human Rights and to Assist in looking at Practical Solutions, Practical Ways within which we can Bring about a Dispensation on Earth that is Based on the Physical Human Nature that is Defined by the Human Rights of Each Being that Find themselves Here on Earth. To so Ensure that This World Become That which is Best for All, to Investigate and Bring to an End the Misnomer that is currently being utilized and claimed to be ‘Human Nature.’
Human Nature is Not a Mental Condition, it is a Physical Condition. The Mental Condition can be Understood if one do the Research and See how Easily that can be Controlled to Bring about all these Violations of Basic Human Rights. All of this research is also done by the Equal Life Foundation. We already Have Solutions on How to Sort out and Bring to an End this Violating Human Nature Ideologies that’s being Imposed through Education – and to with these solutions, bring through an Approach to Education that is Based on the Actual Functionality, Mechanics of the Human Mind/ Body/ Spirit Relationship so that one can understand How we have Created this Mess on Earth where there are Currently No Basic Human Rights Whatsoever. Human Rights Doesn’t Exist Yet. The Human Rights that’s being Professed to Exist = that’s Not Human Rights as that Only Protects the Rights of the Masters, that only Protects the Rights of Those that Violates the Rights of Every Human Being Here on Earth.
Join us, Become Part of a Solution. It is Time we Face our Creation Here on Earth, which is a System that Violates Every Day, in Every Way - the Rights of Every Human Being. Even Those that are Masters are being Violated by Themselves, because they are in fact Not Acting Like a Human, but Acting like Someone that has No Understanding of What Human Rights Actually are."


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