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Day 91: International Crime Research: Mass Murderers Part 5: Mass Murderers for Fame and Self-Interest

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Day 90: International Crime Research: Mass Murderers Part 4: The Physical Reaction of Mass Murderers

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"A notable motivation for mass murder is revenge, but many other motivations are possible, including the need for attention or fame..."

If one observe the 'line' that has been drawn between the conventional classification of 'mass murderer,' and the killing of groups of individuals that are acceptable within our world system, you will notice as I have, the paralel that exists between all forms of 'mass murder', the only difference being - which forms of Mass Murder we as society have come to accept and agree to as being 'ok/acceptable'.

For example, if an individual or group murder other humans, within a context that has not been rationalised and accepted by society - then we label it 'mass murder' - and will hunt such people down with great vigour, using emotional turmoil done onto the families and friends of those who were killed - to fuel the criminalising of such actions. However if a group does it within the confines of labels that support the rest of society to survive - then it is not called mass murder - but is rather brushed, literally aside, as 'just one of those things', or 'an unfortunate consequence of living in this world.'

For example - where do we see masses/groups of humans being killed within this world system, to support the survival of other humans, be it for the advancement of self interest or for actual physical survival? Well we see it each day in the Money system, in our religions, world government, cultures and in the general 'beingness' of humanity - where we give permission to the existence of things like war and murder -without really deeply looking into how and why such people and systems exist and how to resolve the issues behind why it exists - for good. Instead we have institutions that place plasters over the harm and existing trends of abusive living, such as doctors, psychologists, social workers, new age healers, charities and politicians - all playing their role (knowingly or unknowingly) to merely keep the underlying systems responsible for the abuse in place - while appeasing the emotional reactions and pains caused to humanity, by teaching us how to 'cope' and 'get on with out lives'.

To me, as somebody who has been given an opportunity to live differently, to see how harm is caused, how to stop causing harm myself and the enjoyment for self of living in an an environment where all decisions work with and towards the best outcome that stops harm - has allowed me to see - that on a global scale it is absolutely possible for ALL of us to live in such harmony and 'heaven on earth'. What I have just discussed might appear to be 'too out there' - because initially as one hears the words like 'heaven on earth' and 'best for all' - the mind tends to say 'that is gibberish and far fetched' - what are you really telling me?

So lets slow down what I have just said and take a look: all of us will admit at some point that we 'wish' the violence and suffering we endure on earth could just stop. Most people who live middle to lower income lives, have at some point, wished they could have different opportunities in life and wish they could find a way to escape the hardship of having to survive not just monetarily but also socially -away from the constant personal struggled of having to fit in and find a way to balance ones own 'self-interest' amongst the rest of societies 'self-interest'. In the end we all end up in mental battles with each other in society, as we attempt to survive as personalities - instead of living equally as one. We live to compete socially and to be more of oneself in accordance with social standards of what it means to be 'intelligent', 'beautiful', 'successful', funny, 'popular', 'attractive', 'special' etc. This becomes life for the human - a constant comparison and competing with other humans to achieve goals based on 'being the best we can be' - which sounds 'innocent' - however it is and always has been, a never ending cycle of polarities between negatives and positives, where even in family and friendship we are pushing each other to be and live concepts of ourselves based on energy stimulated within the mind through thinking - with very little regard for physical practical living. All activity for the human currently exists in the mind - we live for and through our thoughts which generate energy, which allows us to feel a certain way. To feel good for example- we believe and think we should act a certain way - which means others will recognise that we now fit the picture they perceive as acceptable, and upon this recognition that ones personality is accepted by family and friends - one will though the act of thinking oneself into this acceptance - one will then generate the energetic experience of 'self fulfilment, enjoyment, happiness, bliss, contentment, part of the group, acceptable etc' -however what nobody has considered or even looked into is that every human lives for an in the Mind only - and that the Mind-Systems are in essence due to their 'systematic nature' - quite 'ruthless' meaning - we never consider how our life styles and choices and 'needs' affect the lives of others and this planet/nature. As Mind-Systems, we only follow the paths of the programming - meaning if I want to feel good -accepting myself as this energy - then i go to the mall and I spend money on nice items, which through the value system I have given these items, raises my energy experience to feel really good. The fact that very obviously for all to see - there is a Capitalistic System in the background, which manages 'human needs' through taking advantage of the lives of billions of other beings, so that the working class can achieve the energetic experience of 'feeling good' through buying 'stuff' - this is conveniently missed by ALL who live in the system. If one look in self-honesty- one will note as I have that only System runs automatically without any feelings or considerations for points outside its programming.

The Mind System will cry if its own child is abused/killed/harmed - as its child forms part of its own emotional-energy system - but this same system does not bat and eyelid that millions of children starve each day in a system where resources are witheld from beings until the point of starvation and death, because they do not have a piece of paper that gives them the right to Life. Millions of children are sold in the sex and slavery industry each day - so that the rest of the planet can 'buy stuff' and 'enjoy themselves in things like sex-addictions and consumerism' - but because it is not 'my' child it doesn't matter. If we were truly 'looking and experiencing the consequences of our living on this planet' we would probably become hysterical from regret and dread.

So now we see how a human can accept suffering and abuse to not only exist, but escalate yearly, where for example the behavioural pattern of the human becomes more obsessive as the energy possessions become more extreme and Capitalism finds more ways to exploit the physical reality for profit. If as humans we call ourselves 'humane' or even 'spiritual' or 'the image and likeness of some god'- what does this mean - does this mean we change ourselves to change what the world becomes and it supports the human's existence, or do we realize we only exist as Mind-Systems, that only function according to our programming, chasing only the energy systems that keep our Mind alive, while having no true regard for any other form of Life, unless it serves our emotional and mental needs...

More to follow on the Mass Murderer...

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