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Day 92: International Crime Research: Mass Murderers Part 6: Mass Murderers for Fame and Self-Interest Continued

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"A notable motivation for mass murder is revenge, but many other motivations are possible, including the need for attention or fame..."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a picture to exist within me of a perfect life, a perfect world, without considering how this 'perfect world' is to be created.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this picture as imagination to exist within me, where I will blissfully ignore how this physical reality functions and how the money system works for me to be able to live what I believe to be my idealised Life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a monetary system, which provides 'an idealised or comfortable life' - which functions according to exploitation of resources and life on this planet, to provide 'idealised lives' for those who have money.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that it is justified for me to continue existing within a system that Abuses Life, for me to have my comfortable Life, as long as the expense is not experienced by myself or my family/friends.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this system to continue existing even though at times I do experience the negative consequences of hardship within capitalism, indicating that I am use to a life on this planet of abuse and hardship.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that for happiness to exist, it is alright for suffering to exist.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to follow fame and specialness of the individual, while ignoring the consequences - whereby we create a world of conflict and internal struggles as we allow ourselves to abuse each other through harsh words and abusive deeds/concepts/ideas  -as we abuse ourselves to fit into idealised concepts.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to chase fame and specialness so much that I will follow the energy of specialness to such an extent that I will watch as another's life is harmed/destroyed, while having a choice whether I am willing to stop this, but never doing so because the reward of the happiness energy wins every time.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing this energy of wanting to be famous and special in the eyes of others, to be so overwhelming that even if in the media I read/hear about the consequences of how our choice of living and our value systems has on the planet and life thereon, I will always use the backchat/internal conversation of 'it is ok' to justify why I should continue following the energy experience that 'serves me' as 'individuals freedom' over the wellbeing of others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to only allow myself to experience the images of abuse through emotions and feelings, which is a temporary energetic reaction, that dissipates/stops ater a while, leaving me numb to the reality of what beings go through in the world systems,

for example:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing such things as minimum wages and slave labour, where people have to submit to living stressful, painful lives as they are forced into having to work for minimum or no wages, in a Capitalistic System that provides entertainment/lifestyles for the rest of us, at the expense of these individuals.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the abuse of animals, in the entertainment industry, clothing industry, cosmetic and food industries - all so that I may wear items and participate in 'concepts' - that have no practical consideration to the being suffering - as long as it makes me feel good and provides me with the energy experience of 'happiness'.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the porn industry where woman and children are forced into these abusive life styles either against their will (drugs/kidnapping/extorsion) or for minimum wages (in a capitalistic system where if you dont have money you starve) - while not changing or standing for the changing of such a system at all, because that would mean stopping corruption and changing the money system and the system of sex addiction - which I am not willing to do, as that would mean not living out the exact point of greed/addiction and personal-interest depicted through the reasons why we allow such atrocities.

I forgive myself within this, for 'separating' myself from these industries by saying 'nobody makes them do it' when in fact I am making them do it  - as the consumer of the products that are made in accordance with these systems that uses the lives of the innocent to provide a service in exchange for wealth - therefore the point of greed exists to create abundance no matter at what expense.

therefore as a mass murderer - I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to tacitly agree to abuse and suffering and the killing of beings on this planet, due to all the world systems, that at any given time function to bring me personal self-interest and happiness - while not once standing up to speak up or act in accordance with changing these systems, to not longer accept and allow such abuse.


I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize that in looking at why I have always and will always justify any form of abuse in order for me to live on this planet and have my happiness and personal-self-interest - I am no more than the things I accept and allow - therefore I have become a mass murderer and abuser of life, lying and deceiving to continue protecting the same systems that have always provided me with the addictions and needs I proclaim are my right to Life/freedom of choice.

I commit myself to show that if one really stand up for and 'against' any form of abuse - you will not settle just for emotional pictures and reactions to the abuse, but will always question why the problems have not been solved.

I commit myself to write out any and all forms of justification, to its origin- as to why abuse in my name still exists and why I believe that profiting and personal gain is in any form accepted and allowed by me, to write out what the excuse is and what this really shows about the person/individual group who writes/speaks it.

I commit myself to show that there is always a choice to be made about what we accept and allow, and that it might not 'seem' an easy choice to give up and change the world systems, due to our addictive nature, however the only choice if one says you do not support abuse, is the choice of changing it - and this always comes down to sustainable solutions as what is best for all - it has no 'grey area' to allow still for some to get away with self-interest/freedom of choice over the lives of other.

therefore I commit myself to show how if one claim to stand up 'against abuse' but in any form shortcut the steps or processes of how abuse is to be ended once and for all - that the self honesty within that is always still the choice for abuse to continue so that one has a comfortable life within ones true value systems,

I commit myself therefore to question my own value systems  and the value systems we as society have given to the world system such as money, to identify directly what are the real value systems, and how to change them to 'what is best for all'  - which will have the outcome of stopping abuse.

Please join us in our research into identifying how to change the value systems of Capitalism to that which supports Life:


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