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Day 110: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: The Socio-Economic causes of Drug use (Part 14)

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Day 109: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: The Socio-Economic causes of Drug use (Part 13)

As discussed in my previous blog - when faced with a 'problem' within our society such as drug use - the 'solution' would be to really take a look behind the veil of what is presented as the current solutions - which as we have seen do not really solve anything - to get to the sustainable solutions that will end the problems instead of actually intensifying the exiting problems, into compounded consequences that will drag us head first into an Abyss of human deprivation, suffering and self abuse.

Firstly when addressing the emotion and though aspect of the individuals desire or apparent need to utilise a drug - here one would look at really addressing the 'how' and 'why' of the individuals Personality and Mental make-up. If one look at current Psychology is is designed in line with the survival of the therapist within Capitalism, and therefore therapies are firstly not designed to assist humanity to no longer be dependent on anything - it in fact and this is my second point - profits off of the humans programmed belief that we are emotional, thinking bodies that are in fact dependent on thought processes and that without generating and participating in thoughts, emotions and feelings we would not be 'alive'. So for example if one is facing drug addiction on the basis of being overwhelmed within ones emotional patterns, then Psychology would teach one better ways of balancing and coping with these polarity systems we call emotions and feelings - thus never assisting the individual to release conflicts as we have to generate new feelings to balance out exiting emotions. Where with thought patterns - we have to develop and design new thought patterns to cope with old thought patterns. In discussing how to direct oneself within stopping thoughts and learning to direct ones mind practically to no longer exist in systems of the Mind that function according to attempts at alleviating harmful thoughts - the reaction that one gets when discussing how to stop thoughts - is that of 'oh my god you want me to become a zombie'. No - what is meant by learning to stop the Mind - we are not saying you will no longer live and express yourself - we are in fact saying that the Mind as it exist now as consciousness exists only as energy systems that are dependent on polarities between positives and negatives - which move the being into action - only when and as we are faced with the energy of good and bad attached to things and people. Therefore in essence, the child is taught to become robotic as we give life, people and objects certain values, attach emotions and feelings to those objects/people and only react then for the rest of our lives in certain ways to these objects people and things. For example ironically we are taught to 'Love'. Then we are taught and teach ourselves as we grow up to love certain things and people only. Then we are taught to dislike other things and people - to the extent that we will create belief systems around these people and things - to the extend of harmful thought towards these people and things. For example we will love a partner or child or family member and have these feelings of compassion and love towards them - but feeling nothing or even discontent towards a child halfway across the world who is starving. The fact that the corporations have claimed the resourced of that country and because this child has no way of obtaining a piece of paper called money - which contain the value set by capitalism - that child cannot afford food and will thus die, slowly, painfully, in fear and constant concern for its safety, is irrelevant -because the love feeling does not 'think outside the box' so to speak and does not allow for considerations outside of the basic black and white reasoning we have come to accept as Life and 'Human Value Systems'.

This we call acceptable because nobody loves that child - because it is not my child. So love in this world is conditional to those I want to Love because it makes me feel good. Therefore emotions and feelings if one also look at others examples of how we accept and allow suffering and abuse is a systematised design around the survival of the individual and has no or little regard for life. Again referring back to my previous blog - if Jesus arrived (for real) and asked why we do not love our neighbour or do to others as we want done for ourselves - what would we say 'sorry Jesus I dont like them enough' or 'they are not my family or friends'.

themselves from an energy-reaction based system which keeps all locked in internal

So we have also seen from personal introspection that emotion and feeling systems are taught and conditioned according to self-reward or punishment systems. To learn to direct these energy systems within oneself to a direct living here in the physical - is for most a huge challenge - because since childhood we have been brainwashed to believe that we are our emotions and feelings and thought patterns and to learn to change or direct them and understand them for what they are as systems taught to us from childhood - is for most unfathomable and 'blasphemous'. The energy drops within the individual who considers learning to stop these pre-programmed systems and to live in the physical, constant, free to express self as life. The being goes into anxiety and the Mind will bring up defence systems that generate thoughts which result in the being accepting the thoughts around why to direct or stop these patterns of the mind - is unacceptable.

So within society we see most people addicted to some substance or object or action which allows us to cope with life - be it drugs, sex, entertainment, sport or a life style that allows one to cope with ones internal demons - but most will not face this and wont even admit that this is what we are really doing. We have come to accept our lives as 'screwed' basically and that there is nothing we can do about it and when solutions are presented we will fight to keep things the same, because of the very subtle protection mechanism of consciousness existent within each as excuses, justifications and reasons.

Obviously if one is 'clear-headed' you are able to stand and observe how we live, who we are, what exists within each and what we really look like inside our minds. To do this takes self-honesty and dedication to realize that who remains is me as Life, free to express and live and direct myself as what is best for all. If one fears letting go of fear - then you protect all that is broken about the human and human society - because to step over and beyond the Fear itself has thus far been to much for humanity. So, we even have people who are so fearful of living free from Fear - that they will create Hate Groups and support corporate funded hate groups, consisting of 'trolls' who will go after any person who speaks up about Human-Fear and all its Dimensions and how this is currently the driving force of human existence...

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