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Day 109: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: The Socio-Economic causes of Drug use (Part 13)

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Day 108: The Psychology of Crimes against Life: The Socio-Economic caused of Drug use (Part 12) In the previous blog I discussed the background from which I wrote the entire 'drug' series - which was based firstly on the Character Dimensions of one type of drug user - and I specifically walked self-forgiveness examples on the 'social-drug user'. In my previous blog I showed that the various reasons for drug use could be emotional/mental character flaws and deficits which cause a person to want to use a chemical to enhance or suppress certain characteristic and memories/experiences - to socio-economic causes such as poverty, abusive life situations, work/career/study pressures etc.

So if one look at the problem we are facing economically, you will notice that most people are being pushed further and further into debt and fear with regards to survival within the current monetary system. Drugs, have therefore become a way to cope with the fear, stress and anxiety - around economic and debt concerns - as it allows the user to suppress emotion and thought reactions to the fears faced. As indicated in my previous blog - this 'free market' principle of our current economy, is the reason why we will 'solve' a problem with more problems/traps - meaning in capitalism the focal point is around making profit, earning 'a living' and of course greed.

Therefore, the problem we are facing behind why people are using drugs is being solved within the current Capitalistic System, not with actual sustainable solutions, but to inject the individual further into a set of rules and life choices, which support someone else's pocket and does not solve the drug users underlying fears, hopes and thought patterns/characteristics, which gave rise to the apparent 'need' to use drugs in the first place. So, as an example we take drug users who use either for pleasure, to avoid pain/fear/anxiety or to cope with Life challenges by giving them 'an edge' and we slot them into either therapy which again focusses on keeping the person in a position to provide an income for a therapist - or we place the person on prescription drugs which are designed and sold as part of a multi billion dollar industry that has nothing to do with helping people- and instead has to do with making profit.

So, how does one solve a drug problem? Obviously, firstly one looks at the reason behind why the person uses drugs - here as indicated early on in this series, I discussed the principle of looking behind the veil of what is the person presenting as being the reason and what is the real reason. For example the individual might say 'I use drugs so that I feel more open and sociable' - leaving one thinking 'ah that doesn't sound so bad'- however by exploring the time line of the person's life and personality design, which is made up of memories and experiences - one will get to the real cause of drug use which is for example that the person believes they need to look and speak a certain way to be acceptable to others because they do not accept themselves. Therefore if the truth were to be told - we will find that our society has been trained and brainwashed to exist as organic robots that are dependent on emotional reactions to our environment and each other and that we cannot simply live in our bodies and accept ourselves - we have to find acceptance through others. This opens the door to a multi-dimensional mind system which from young takes each human through a process of designing personalities, thought constructs and emotion/feelings behavioural patterns that rely on 'who I am in the eyes of the world'. This by direct implication means that no human is every 'complete' - we are always looking for validations from others, validation for what we do, how we look, and our intellectual and monetary accomplishments. This is by design how we from childhood are taught by our parents to create a split within the mind - where the child is taught to not simply live in its physical body, equal and one to the physical reality - but to separate ourselves within our mind to beliefs, ideas, opinions, fear of others, need for approval etc.

This trend has been designed through many generations and comes down to the fuelling of the monetary system and the Ego of the individual. Imagine if all humans were 'complete' meaning if we accepted ourselves and did not seek any validation of experience outside ourselves to determine to ourselves who we are - we would then not have a Capitalistic System because no profit can be made and no greed can be sustained if people are buying products based on what supports us to live and express instead of this frenzy we see in the world, in most humans - within what we see in Consumerism with the values attached to self in relations to 'buying stuff/owning stuff'. Where Self has become one and equal to the value you 'obtain' from that which you own, drive, live in and wear. So the human in essence is a walking talking value system - a piece of paper that has value and if you do not look, talk and act the part then you are seen as worthless - we are money.

So - for example most humans are completely blindly obsessed and intrigued by prophets, masters and guru's like Jesus. However, has anybody stopped to compare how we live now with the lives lived by the prophets, guru's and masters like Jesus? If we all became Jesus look a-likes - Capitalism would not continue to function as it does now because Jesus would not fall for the old consumerism traps, by selling himself into the belief system that to be happy and to be complete you have to fit into the pictures presented to us through the media. Jesus would question the brainwashing coming his way from every direction. Jesus would not feel himself to be completely uncool if he could not buy the newest Levi-Jeans. So - now we sit with a planet full of humans who are addicted to varying forms of drugs to minimise or control the thoughts around the fears and worries we have come to accept as relevant.

So as mentioned before the drug user could be somebody who wants to be better, more acceptable, more enjoying of themselves socially or the drug user could be somebody who has had to face all kinds of pressures within the economic system, and now they again at a monetary cost - rather turn to a chemical suppressant or stimulant to make life seem ok. The numbers speak for themselves - one can simply do a search on the internet on the numer of people who are addicted yearly to drugs - therefore to say 'drugs are not a problem' or 'I am making more out of this then what it is' - you have to realize that you are ignoring facts to protect the current system the way it is. Countless beings are already to numb, their mind to damages on drugs, with most trapped in mind-delusions due to brain/neurological damage that they themselves are not able to even firstly comprehend the 'real' reasons behind their choices for drug use - let alone participate in discussions about the problems we are facing within this world and the candy coating techniques we use to continually avoid the reality we have create for ourselves...

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