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Day 124: The Paranoia Series Part 5: Thought and Cognitive Disinformation

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It is so easy for us to always point fingers out there, at the corporations, the media, the governments, them and ‘they’. We have essentially cognitively disillusioned ourselves already by creating a projected idea that how the world exists and the depth of the deception behind how these wheels turn - only occur ‘out there’ by others towards us. Interesting how it is always towards us – but who is doing it if we are always the victims? Reminds me of when one hears/reads a obituary – the person who died was always ‘squeaky clean’, a good soul and loved by their friends, family and community. Most chuckle when we read these, as we realize that the true nature of each human, at the point of death and throughout our lives is never this – and the person themselves during their life would admit that they have secrets, doubts and many points in their world where they fear and lie and hold onto patterns we know do not serve us, but are to addicted to, to fearful of, to let go of. So most humans actually understand at any given time that our inner experience is not so ‘clean’ as our obituaries instantly make us at the time they are written. Each human knows the thoughts that exist in our minds, some see these thoughts towards self and others as a strength that to win over others, you have to think and believe yourself to be better. Others – cringe as the thoughts run through the mind, we cringe as we experience the emotions and feelings that compound one to madness – where you try and convince yourself that your particular personality consisting of daily emotions and feelings are what makes you human – but why is it not so easy then to live in constant jealousy, anger, the need for love, attention and validation.

imagesEven the positive emotions  - one realizes comes part and parcel with having to upkeep the experience to not have to go into the energetic pattern of the opposite polarity – so to constantly chase positive experiences as an experience similar to buying a new flashy cell phone – one is always making peace you could say, with the energy of the opposite polarity which exists because we accepted oneself as an energetic being who is controlled by and dependent upon these cycles of energy as they polarise between the positive and negative. So in essence we have created an outer world that exists as positive and negative experiences – with us in the middle trying to avoid the negative while seeking the positive – this we call life – as we make peace with bad things (the negative polarity) happening daily to billions of beings – human, animal and nature alike –where we hardly flinch (other than reacting inside ourselves for a moment with ‘sadness’) – because we don't see what we are doing – and because we are in the energy patterns as the energy patterns and therefore cannot really feel anything other than the polarity that the moment presents for us  - within our energy matrix.

jealousy (1)So again – looking at what exists in the mind – the question of how and why Cognitive Disinformation exists – is due to those who have mastered Cognitive Disinformation – already understanding how human thinking works. So Cognitive Disinformers are already using a system of the Mind that is Misinformed with regards to the movement of information within the mind and how this is accepted by the being as ‘ok’ and ‘normal’ as thinking and how we then program the mind-physical relationship between how we think and behave. Therefore the essence of responsibility for and of Cognitive Disinformation is to look at the Mind-Systems and how each of us is taught from young - the ways in which to think. For example returning to what I mentioned above –most people say ‘oh I wish I wasn't so jealous’ and yet in thousands of forms all over the world, in all forms of media, entertainment, sport, family, friends, relationships, fashion, the movies, celebrities, capitalism, the value of life between people – here you will find Jealousy as an acceptable exchange between human and human, and human and the physical reality. So we lock Jealousy as an emotional experience into ourselves as how we will respond to others and our reality – in millions of micro ways – and this is just one emotional experience –and yet we don't see that our entire way of living  -exists as all the thoughts, emotions and feelings that we actually on an individual basis realize is uncomfortable Jealousyand harmful. Yet not even in Psychology do they reveal the glue that holds the human existence together – the same emotion and feeling patterns, the same thought patterns that we understand harms us and wish we could actually change. That is because the glue that bind the human to participate in the system – is how the human functions – therefore no matter how the human evolves into a more and more destructive force –what will always be emphasized is how special we are for how we think and what we think – how we fuel emotions and feelings into excessive patterns of behaviour. Therefore to speak about the Human Mind and cause to how and what we allow in this world is seen as taboo – and this in itself by the internet-trolls which we discussed in previous blogs on Cognitive Disinformation – will be protected and people will be hunted down and their internet profile damaged – for speaking of how the human participates in the abuse  -because the Dis-informed uses the Human Disinformation about how we have grown up to be  -to support already existent systems that the Troll/Disinformer wants to protect within the world system.

More to follow…

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