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Day 122: The Paranoia Series - How Cognitive Disinformation creates Paranoia part 3

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So to recap on how Cognitive Disinformation functions; it is used by governments, politicians and groups to either justify a specific action towards another country, group or party by stating and publishing for example that the country/group is intending harmful actions and therefore allows the group using Cognitive Disinformation to for example declare war, arrest people, change laws etc. It is also used by groups to create Disinformation about themselves, to create such confusion within the public that they in the end don't believe anything or do not see the group in a negative light, as they either perceive all information to be ‘tainted’ thus allowing the group/organisation to continue with unlawful actions or have creates such a positive view of the group that what is really going on is not questioned. This we see every day in the media where information is used about politicians, corporations/groups to create confusion about what is really gong on – and in the background the group in question simply continues as they were. Another form of Cognitive Disinformation is simply to discredit a group or organisation one does not want to have an impact on the public- and this is for example where Internet trolls as referred to in Part 1 – are paid to create disinformation about groups who could influence/change public opinion – this could either be linked to individuals that belong to smaller groups that simply have a personal belief involved in the group – whom consider their religious views or beliefs to be at threat -all the way to serious corporate funded projects of targeting any internet persona or group that could or has influenced the corporation/organisations ability to continue exploiting the public for power and greed.

As you noted the examples of Historical events around Cognitive Disinformation were mostly centred around political power struggles. On the internet I have myself come across ‘Trolls’ who target groups linked to world awareness who for example challenge world systems like Religion and Capitalism – where the trolls are either paid or direct their actions from the starting point of the Ego to protect personal belief systems and the Dishonest Practices found behind the banner of ‘Free Speech and ‘Individuality.’ For example you might find Internet groups that target and question Capitalism – the function of an internet troll and the websites with which they associate themselves with might either be paid by certain corporations or political agendas to discredit such groups – especially if their influence on the public becomes more substantial. As mentioned previously some internet trolls target only for the protection of their life style and within the personality of the ‘Troll’ one would see that it is an individual prone to aggression, violent thoughts towards others, jealousy and the habit of ‘seeking retribution and vengeance’ on any internet person or group who threatens that individuals ‘life style and internet habits’.

TrollFor example not everybody takes on an active roll in targeting individuals or groups who for example question things like Capitalism, Pornography, the effects of religion on how humanity justifies abuse etc. People might read information of this nature and experience slight annoyance as they react to what is spoken about because the reaction is actually the mind of the being fearing what they perceive they will ‘loose’ if this group was to be successful in the removal or change of things like greed, pornography, religion etc – as the individual depends on the experience they obtain as they themselves enjoy things like ‘having more money than others, watching pornography, and alleviating fear about death through believing in God etc. So firstly the average human reacts to information that could potentially harm their own beliefs and value systems. These reactions are mostly anger, irritations, nasty thoughts, ice coldness (fear) shooting through the stomach, clenching of jaw and fists, defensive words… However as I have experiences and witnessed myself it is the Internet Troll – who within their own personality fantasy design of ‘the warrior’, the vengeful one’ - will seek out and attempt to ‘destroy’ individuals or groups who contradict their beliefs about Life. It is the Ego-driven Internet Trolls who join websites where the specific purpose of the website is a) to talk about and feed each others illusions and ideas about the person/group in question b) to be a source of disinformation – where everybody can contribute truth and lies and mix this and mould this into what the group ultimately wants to experience which is the outcome of anger and the believe that they must ‘act’. c) to then launch projects against the individual or group in question – where the ‘togetherness’ of the forum members creates an illusion that their intention of internet bullying and defamation is NOT against the law and is in fact ok –because there is a group of people believing they are all being done in and therefore it is their right under the protection of Freedom of Speech to target and harm the group/person in mention – from here it allows the group to launch projects intended to harm the group/individual and from this the members draw strength and a point of ‘group-think’ that takes over – feeding the frenzy from lies and half-truths into ‘absolute knowing’.

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