Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 125: Crimes against Life: Pornography Part 1

I was doing some research for the next series that I will be doing on Pornography and I came across this post:


a make up artist who posted pictures of porn stars on a blog with and without make-up – too I am assuming, show and reveal the ‘bare truth’ of these woman as what they really looks like. After that many porn stars sent her pictures of Capturethemselves with and without make-up to add to her slide show. So, I asked myself what is the statement that this woman is making – which will bring me to the introduction of why I am walking this porn series – where I will be peeling the layers of the porn-onion so to speak to get beyond the accepted repetitive lines of acceptance such as ‘but surely porn starts enjoy it’ and ‘why is it so wrong if they are getting paid’ – to get to the truth, not the made up societal truth that is used to justify an industry like porn – I am saying the actuality behind why and how human beings become porn stars, as an industry that abuses the physical body for profit.

So the author gave the reason for her blog post as initially just being that of ‘showing the world what these woman really look like’. This in itself caught my interest, as I wondered if this meant that woman could start considering the role that they play in misrepresenting the female form into a sexualised pictures, which is then sold for profit, as the image of a woman is then only seen as a picture – the physical body is equated to that which fits a picture and that which makes others money. Therefore the porn industry has become a first class example of how we will allow abuse to develop into a profitable system, and where the rest of society confirms and justified why such a form of abuse is allowed to exists, because it has become an acceptable form of expression for woman to misrepresent themselves, to fit a fake picture, to stimulate sex addiction in others, while feeding a system of greed. I mean, if I compare child pornography with normal pornography – all that I see is the stamping of morality onto the one picture which the other does not get. We have decided that child porn is wrong and goes against the values of life, but it is ok to brainwash generations of woman, into thinking and believing that to be a porn start is a cool way to express your sexuality. The fact that pornography has nothing to do with how the physical body has sex and the fact that woman become porn starts to make money to better than lives and the fact that the rest of the woman who ‘decide’ to become porn starts are doing to please the male ego into giving them attention and fitting into a warped sense of power linked to your sexual virility – none of these aspects – of which I have only mentioned a few – are ever spoken about.

You could say that we have never looked inside the mind of  woman who is either forced into porn due to economic Capture2reasons or choses to do so for ‘sexual enjoyment’ where the physical body is harmed to fulfil this unrealistic expectation created in the mind through dominating and the creation of pain and harm. No time line is ever walked to show how and why porn exists in our society. Interesting to note, that as a physician for example – if you do not study the human anatomy and physiology specifically and with care – then you are not able to prescribe medicine, do surgery and understand how the body functions in relation to the current understanding of illness and dis-ease. Doctors and surgeons /health care professionals/ study for years and are tested to the most specific detail in their understanding of their medical field. Yet – we as human beings who observe glimpses into a world where abuse exist in ever increasing ways, all complain that the abuse if unacceptable and yet when it comes time to studying the abuse to its specific details and time line creations – then all of a sudden humans proclaim to not have a clue and also claim that it is unnecessary to investigate how and why we have designed any form of abuse, which obviously will allow and insists upon us taking self responsibility for the designs.

So in answer to my question whether the author grasped even for a moment that who these woman are under all the make up – is not that picture, while supporting an industry that only seeks perfect pictures and perfect energy experiences which are linked to energy addictions e.g pornography while completely disregarding ourselves in our physical bodies. But her response was the truth behind the brainwashing of even this individual who for a moment allowed herself to ‘get real’. A moment later she reveals that she could not really face the actuality of reality as it existed as the real physical body. She explains towards the end of her blog that she sees these actresses and actors arrive for work with low self esteem and as soon as they put on their make-up they become ‘a different person’.

So the reason why I mentioned her discussion on make-up and low self esteem, is because it serves as an introduction into the following series – where as I mentioned I want to peel the layers of the ‘porn industry’, to really look beneath the veil of what goes on inside the mind of the porn star and porn user, together with the economic factors contributing to the existence of a porn industry…
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  2. Really interesting observation on how women are being brainwashed to believe that it is cool to be a porn star - where, as i was looking through the photo's on the website that you mentioned, what i noticed is how these women, with their make-up on, look exactly like Disney-princesses --- which would in fact play into the subconscious imagery that's been imprinted within women in early childhood, and the associated desire of 'I want to be a princess, like in the Disney Movies', and so would spark a desire within women to be a Porn star, as the 'next best thing' to being 'a Disney Princess'.Lol - thanx for another awesome blog!