Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 1: What is my Journey?

As I walk my Journey to Life, I identify daily patterns, within which I exist as a pre-programed being, according to how my parents lived and how Society expects us as Humans to exist – where there is no or little regards for who we have really become. I have come to realize from myself that most of my experiences have been based on fear, survival, envy, competition, desire, addiction to energy etc. All of these patterns suppress the life within me and the Life within all living on this planet as we live to appease our current designs, instead of fully living without fear, without judgment, without being dependent on energy of the mind; for each to get to a point where we live here in our physical bodies, fully supportive of ourselves and each other as Life, not as Systematized beings, who live to survive.
By identifying my own patterns and applying self-forgiveness I clean the slate of what I have been, to align myself into a being that lives what is best for all life. The writings will consist of the identification of the pattern, the self-forgiveness and the commitment to and as self of change, to be spoken and lived as a self-directive principle of self.
This process will continue for a minimum of 7 years and no part of self-forgiveness will stand alone as it forms part of the whole as what we have accepted and must be read in the context of all the billions of patterns that requires self forgiveness and deletion and correction with effective life willed commitments.

For support see all the videos and join the forum.

Do this for you as only you are responsible for you.

Understand that I do self-forgiveness here for all patterns regardless whether it form part of my immediate life. To expand to be equal to what is here in every way, one can only be so by actually becoming all the parts and placing yourself at the very least in a position that if you ever should encounter such point, you will be able to direct it in ways that are best for all life in response to the directive commitment you place. Self-forgiveness thus is the Giving to yourself within the context of a space time reality, the power, authority and responsibility and ability to walk and participate in every relationship that may ever exist as Life in every way with the effect and outcome as that which is best for all life.

If you are not ready yet to join is in this project, read the blogs from the many that are walking this for themselves till you are ready and then join us in the journey to life. – Only you can give you life that is best for all life.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to let go of all ideas which I adopted from my childhood, which have not serve me within what is best for all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself as all the parts that currently make up this world as the abomination that it is to it exists within me, as anger, spite, rage, jealousy, greed, desire, hate, secretiveness, abuse etc

If forgive myself for accepting and allowing the world to exist as it does, because I accepted myself as abused and not worthy of life.

I forgive myself for growing up accepting myself as less than what I can be and for accepting the world in this way as well.

I forgive myself for not taking self-responsibility for who I had become while judging the world for being a place I do not want to live in.

I forgive myself for judging others for their words and actions and for how they create the world, instead of realizing I am equally responsible for creating the world as it is and am therefore fully responsible for my words and deeds in every moment.

I forgive myself that I have not considered that if I place any person or thing above me as the directive principle of me, then I am creating myself as a slave to my world, instead of walking as the creator of my world in full self-responsibility within what is best for all

I forgive myself for disregarding what is best for all, simply to survive in this world and to feel save within the current world systems.

I commit myself to investigate myself and the effects of self-forgiveness as a commitment to myself
I commit myself to addressing my fears, judgments, behaviors and allowances, to find out who I am within what is best for all, and to find out and change that within my world which serves life as what is best for all.
I commit myself to consider that with taking self-responsibility through self-forgiveness i will in fact expand and become able to direct and be responsible for that which I currently belief is beyond my ability to direct.
I commit myself to become the image and likeness of life and to walk that which is best for all, in all ways.
I commit myself to honor all life in all its forms and through this I honor myself as well.
I commit myself to investigate my past, my patterns, my beliefs and how I function, to find the best way to live, here as the physical and to delete that within me which does not serve me as life

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